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Managing Your Terror

…if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 19:9 NRSV

Terror mamgement theory is one of the newest theories in personality psychology. But it’s not about terrorism, or managing radicals that threaten to destabilize governments.

World Eye This theory suggests that everyone is afraid of death. The solution to that fear is to commit to living by the principles of some worldview. The idea is that if we conform our behavior to some specific worldview, we will be less fearful of death. That worldview will make us a part of something bigger than ourselves, something that goes on even after we die.

Jesus had his own solution to overcoming our fear of death. He died, and defeated death itself! In the act of dying he completed God’s redemptive plan, and in rising from the dead, he pointed the way to eternal life.

What is so interesting to me is that terror management theory recognizes that every one of us has to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Christians are those who acknowledge and embrace Jesus’ worldview, which is the gospel.

MP900400141[1] As Jesus’ follower, I have put my faith in the god news of Jesus Christ. I believe the principles set forth in the Scriptures. I ascribe to the Christian worldview. Not only do I believe it and affirm it, I try to live by it. With every breath I take, I try to live out the principles of my faith. And you  know what? I am not terrified by death. Death does not seem like an end for me, it is a new beginning.

So maybe terror management theory is onto something. The question is, what worldview are you putting your faith in? The good news of Jesus Christ connects us to the truth, gives us a place in God’s kingdom, makes us into new creatures, and gives us the way to eternal life! That’s the best terror management there could possibly be!


Why Worry?

Do not worry about anything… Philippians 4:6 NRSV

Painful Headache It’s like a knee-jerk reaction. As soon as things start going wrong, worry creeps in.

For me worry seems to make sense. I think, “If I worry about this enough, then maybe I’ll be able to find a solution.”

The only problem is that God already has a solution, and all the energy I put into worrying is just distracting me from going God’s way, and keeping me from experiencing the peace and joy Jesus promised. So maybe worry doesn’t make sense after all!

Jesus spoke directly to the problem of worry. He offered a simple reminder to help us keep our problems in proper perspective. Click here for an encouraging video that contrasts our worries with Jesus’ answer.

Christmas Cheer

Anxiety grips the human heart and weighs it down, but an encouraging word cheers it up! Proverbs 12:25 adapted

As we look ahead to Christmas, there’s lots to be encouraged about. Jesus’ arrival filled our world with the love of God, and paved the way for us to receive the abundant and eternal life God intends for us!

The question is, are we so weighed down by worry that the idea of Christmas cheer seems like a distant dream? Pressing problems tend to obscure the Good News, and can make us indifferent to the message of hope born in Jesus Christ.

Wise people don’t ignore the challenges they face. But neither do let thoseMC910216397[1] challenges overwhelm them. They acknowledge the hurts they feel and the concerns they have. Then they turn to the truth and put things in proper perspective. They allow God’s word to encourage them and motivate them to action!

You and I can be  wise people too. We can be  bearers of the Good News. We can share the peace of God that passes all understanding. We can trust in God’s saving work and Christ’s ruling power. We can free ourselves from anxiety’s grip, and stand on the promises of God revealed by God’s own Son!

MP900409484[1] Let’s use the weeks ahead to turn ourselves from worry, and to spend time with the  One whose birth brings light and life! The more we do, the more Christmas cheer we will enjoy!