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What Are You Looking At?

Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? Follow me.” John 21:22 NRSV

Peter was finishing the most difficult conversation he had ever had with Jesus. Before Jesus was arrested and crucified, Peter pledged his total allegiance to him.MP900049880[1] But, just as his Lord had predicted, Peter fell away at the first sign of trouble. Before the cock crowed, he denied his Lord three times.

Now all that was behind him. Jesus was alive, and had appeared several times to Peter and the other disciples. Everything seemed normal again. But it wasn’t.

There were still unanswered questions. Where was Peter’s allegiance? Jesus wanted to know. He asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Each time Peter answered, “Yes!” Then Jesus gave him his marching orders, and told Peter what the future would hold.

MP900409424[1] Could there be any more intimate and probing experience than to have Jesus looking into your soul, and asking whether you love him? This is the kind of moment when time stands still, and everything else fades into the background.

But that wasn’t true for Peter. As soon as Jesus questioned him, Peter’s eyes began looking around, and his thoughts wandered. His attention was divided. His mind was full of questions, and his heart was tinged with jealousy.

Are you looking around or focusing on Jesus?

Jesus responded, “Follow me.” Peter’s vision was supposed to be focused on one person alone, Jesus Christ. If he was to have any hope of fulfilling the high calling of Christ on his life, then he had to fix his eyes on Jesus and start following. This was no time for wandering eyes. This was no time for jealousy or petty conceit. It was time to change from a focus on men to a focus on Jesus Christ. It was time to take up his cross and follow his Lord. This was the time to behold Jesus in his glory and to step forward in faith!

Follow me.” Those are Jesus’ words to every one of usMP900443145[1] who love him. Of course, in order to follow, we must first fix our eyes on Jesus. Otherwise, as we start following, we will stumble and fall. We must leave everything else behind, and focus on Jesus alone.

Leave everything else behind.

There are no choices here. Jesus doesn’t say, “Follow me when you feel like it.”  He wants us to stop worrying about what others are doing or getting, and put our full focus on him. He wants us to celebrate his action in our lives, and to follow him and him alone. What a high calling!

Why not try leaving all your other distractions behind today, and step out to follow Jesus Christ with single-minded focus. He wants your eyes, your mind, your heart, your hands and your feet. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and go his way today!

Look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Your Faith!


Lord Jesus, you know I love you. You also know my eyes wander, and I sometimes spend more time wondering what you are doing for others than I do on what you are asking of me. Forgive me, and help me to develop a single-minded focus on you. Help me to see you as you really are, and to faithfully do all that you are asking me to do! Amen.

Eyes copy


Lift Your Eyes

Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! that the king of glory may come in. Psalm 24:7 NRSV

Having trouble making sense of things? Ask yourself, “What am I looking at?” What you look at determines what you see.

If all you look at are the injustices of this world, the prosperity of others and the problems in your own life, you will probably be completely confused and feel profoundly discouraged.

If you do what today’s verse suggests, and look to God, if you lift up your head and put your eyes on Jesus, then you will see the king of glory coming in to walk with you and talk with you. He will come in and give you a new way of seeing and a fresh vision!


So lift up your eyes, and spend some time looking to the one who was and is and is to come. Look to God, and put Jesus on your radar screen. Change where you look, and it will change what you see!

Less Wandering & More Following

MP900443601[1] Never stop learning. Never turn away from what God is trying to teach you. God’s precepts are good, and God’s instruction leads to life. Proverbs 4:2 paraphrased

One important thing to know about sheep is that they have very limited vision. It is hard for them to see more than a few feet in front of them. So it is very easy for them to wander off and get themselves into trouble.MP900146012[1]

You and I can see a lot further than sheep, but when compared to what God sees,  our vision is terribly limited. When looking across the landscape of eternity, we can’t see or even begin to conceive of all that has happened, is happening or will happen.

That’s why we desperately need the Good Shepherd. Jesus has the vision we lack. He was there from the beginning, and knows all that is to come. He knows where we need to go and what we need to avoid. He knows what is best for us, and what we need to do be our best. He knows God’s plan, and is ready to lead us in our part in that plan.

Even though my Good Shepherd is ready to teach me God’s ways and lead me in the paths of righteousness, I sometimes don’t listen very well. I resist my Shepherd’s lead. That really is foolish! I have to remember that God’s plans and purposes for me are far beyond anything I could ask or imagine. God has a far better plan in mind than my limited vision could ever dream up.MP900262885[1]

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am like a wandering sheep. Thankfully,  my Shepherd nudges me to keep on learning. The more I follow Jesus, the more I realize he knows the way through the wilderness. His truth is the truth. His instruction leads me to life!

Jesus has taught me that I need to do less wandering and more following.

Today, why not try wandering off less. Instead, focus on following Jesus. Walk with Jesus, and let him lead you to life!