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Got Problems?

For the Lord hears the needy, and does not despise his own that are in bonds. Psalm 69:33 NRSV

Every one of us faces two kinds of dilemmas. First, we have needs. Some have economic needs. They simply lack the financial resources to meet their obligations. MP900449048[1]Others have social needs. They lack the support and encouragement of close friends and family. There are also those with psychological needs. They need more mental and emotional resources to cope with the stress of daily life. There are those with spiritual needs too. They may have tried drugs, sex and rock and roll, but nothing has filled the God shaped void in their hearts.

Beyond our needs, we also have problems. These are the demands and challengesMP900422200[1] that life brings our way. Problems can become chains that bind us and weigh us down. They can steal our energy and sap our enthusiasm. They can cloud our vision and distract our attention. They can even hinder our ability to answer Christ’s call on our life.

Everyone has needs and problems.

Today, the psalmist is reminding us that God knows our needs, and God does not ignore our problems. That means God is not blind to your situation or out of touch with your needs. God is not up in heaven taking a nap.

Our Lord stands ever ready to turn the resources of heaven and earth our way, so that we might have just what we need. Jesus’ life revealed just how willing God is to meet whatever need presents itself. Jesus fed hungry stomachs, healed broken bodies, restored sick minds and forgave sin-sick souls. There was never a need he could not meet! Jesus proved that God hears the cry of the needy and God answers!

God is tuned in to your needs.

The same is true for those bound by problems. God stands ever ready to respond. In fact, the psalmist says that God does not despise those in bonds. God welcomes those with problems into His grace-filled care. God’s hand stands ready to lift us up, and set us on the road to victory!

Today God knows just what you need. God has seen the problems that are pressing  in on you.

Why not invite your Lord to be part of the solution? Why MP900424422[1]not lay each and every one of your burdens and concerns down at Jesus’ feet? Then, give Him your hand, and open your heart to His love. Listen to God’s Word and follow the Spirit’s leading. As you do, you will discover that God hears you, and answers every need!

Lay your burdens down.

Lean on the everlasting arms!



God, who hears and responds, you know my needs. You understand my problems. Now I am looking for your solutions. Show me the way to go, and the things I need to do. Lift me up, and set me on the road to victory!


Problems copy


Fighting & Fleeing

O Lord my God, in you I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me. Psalm 7:1 NRSV

Family Fighting For a long time I have wondered why God put the fight and flight response in us. Running away from my problems never really did much good. Neither did picking a fight. So what good is the fight/flight response to me?

What I have started to realize is that fighting is not a bad idea, if I battle the real  enemy. Raising my voice at the people around me, or kicking things just makes the MP900443296[1]situation worse. The real battle is in my mind. My thoughts are fanning the flames of distress. So that’s where the battle needs to be waged.

Fleeing can also help, if I stop running away from trouble and run toward God. The psalmist knew that the only way to survive the myriad of challenges and threats we face is to flee and to take our refuge in God. God alone is the rock of our salvation and our sure defense.

That tells me that my instincts to fight and flee are right. Done right, fighting and fleeing can be very effective strategies in times of distress and danger! The trick is that I need to go to God for refuge, and use the truth of God’s Word to fight the battle in my mind.

When I remember to do those two things, trouble begins to feel less troublesome, and victory seems more sure!


From Positive Thinking to Victorious Faith!

MP900442301[1] From the time many of us were small we heard the message: If you think you can, then you can. That message first came to me in a book about a little steam engine that huffed and puffed up a hill while repeating to itself, “I think I can, I think I can.” Once I grew up I heard the same message in the positive thinking movement. Then possibility thinking came along, which told me to never give up because all things are possible.

From all this I have learned the way I think has a profound impact on the direction my life takes and the success I enjoy. But most of us have times when we tell MP900430797[1]ourselves, I think I can, but we find out we can’t. Thinking that I could be a rich and successful  professional athlete is not going to make it happen. Even if I trained and conditioned my body, I do not possess the talent or skills necessary to excel in sports. Nothing, not positive thinking, not possibility thinking or anything else will change that!

If positive think and possibility thinking don’t always work, then what else is there? There is faith in Jesus Christ, which stands like a solid rock when everything else turns to sinking sand.

A faith that stands strong, despite life’s circumstances, is a faith that keeps us loving and serving the Lord. That’s important, because not only is faith key to our success, it is key to our MP900409766[1] devotion. If faith does not motivate us to love and obey Jesus Christ, then it is of little value. But a faith that deepens our devotion, and pushes us to love the Lord and our neighbor as ourselves, is the kind of faith that transforms us into the people God wants us to be.

So positive thinking and possibility thinking are nice. They have their place. But Christians know that as long as we are living lives of faith, truly trusting and obeying Jesus Christ, we will be VICTORIOUS!


Those who run the race of faith throw off everything that hinders and entangles them.

Those who run the race of faith follow the path Jesus has marked out.

Those who run the race of faith run with perseverance.

Those who run the race of faith will be victorious!


A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Wise people know that:

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing!


God’s promises remain true.

God faithfulness stands the test of time.

God’s love endures from generation to generation.

God’s guiding hand is always guarding, guiding and protecting!


Wise people also know that:

If we faced our battles in our own strength, then our striving would be losing,

But we have the right man on our side, the man of God’s own choosing.

We have Christ Jesus. He is the Lord of Life and King of glory!

From age to age Jesus is the same, and he will win the battle!


Praise God!

Jesus is leading me to victory!

The Author of Victory!

MP910216452[1] O grant us help against the foe, for human help is worthless. With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.             Psalm 60:11-12 NRSV

David knew all about foes. As a shepherd, he fought those that tried to steal and kill his sheep. As a warrior, he fought foes no one else had the courage to stand up to. Each and every time he faced a foe he learned a valuable lesson. He learned that if God is for you, then nothing can stand against you. He also learned that in some situations, human help is worthless, because only God brings true victory!

MP900409084[1] Today, you too may be facing a number of foes. There may be foes in your workplace, where people make unreasonable demands of you, or undermine you. You may be facing foes at home, with rising tensions in your relationships. Your foes may be within, with anger, worry and sadness engulfing you. Your foes may come from substances that fight to consume and control you. Your foes may be financial, with debts dragging you into ruin. Your foes may even be spiritual, with principalities and powers aligned against you to draw you away from loving and serving God.

Whatever kind of foe you are face, one thing is certain. You need God! That is what David discovered. He learned that the size of your problem doesn’t really matter, if God is on your side. He also learned that the size of your army and the strength of your weapons don’t matter either, if God is on your side.

One thing is certain, you need God!

After all, if God is for you then who can be against you? No one! God will order your circumstances to bring you victory. God will provide the resources you need to triumph. God will give you the strength and wisdom necessary to fight the good fight of faith!

With God you will do valiantly! You will emerge victorious over your foes. God is the Author and the Finisher of your faith. The Lord will bring you through!

With God you will do valiantly!

Why not call on God, just as David did? Invite the Lord to take charge of your battles. Look to God, and lean on Jesus. Then praise the Lord for his steadfast love and faithfulness!



Victorious God, you know every battle I am fighting. You know the struggles I am having, and the problems I face. I am praying for your help. You have the answer I need. You are my strength and my song. Lead me today to victory!


With God, You Will Emerge Victorious!

Are All Things Possible?

…for God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

Lots of us know that God can do big things and amazing miracles. We find it pretty easy to imagine that with God the impossible is actually possible. In fact, that is one thought that gets many of us through tough times.

j0430489But one of my biggest problems isn’t believing God for the big things. I find it much harder to keep my faith strong in life’s little battles. It’s the daily hassles, the constant battering of problem after problem that starts me wondering whether the possible is actually doable!

So it’s not the big things that trouble me as much as the cumulative impact of all life’s little bumps. In the end, all those little molehills start looking like big mountains. When that happens, I realize the wear and tear from crossing the rugged terrain of everyday life is starting to have a big impact on my faith.

MP900386133[1] Instead of just focusing on the believing God for the impossible, we need to conquer the possible, the daily challenges of life. We need to figure out how to keep the bumps and bruises from defeating us. After all, everyday life is the proving ground for our faith.

How can we more effectively infuse our faith into the way we react to daily hassles? We can begin by inviting God to be involved. That means believing that God is more than our heavenly cushion in the face of disaster.

God is interested in what is going on at every point in our lives. Not only is God interested, God is at work in us right now, and is ready to transform what we think, how we feel and how we respond to life’s bumps and bruises.

Then, we have to remember that being a disciple involves submitting to our Good Shepherd’s lead. A life of submission means trusting Jesus to guard and guide us every step of the way. It also means we submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and allowing God to use the twists and turns of life to refine us into the people we were created to be! The more we do these things, the more the possible becomes doable!

Sometimes it is easier to believe that mountains will move, than it is to believe that the way we think, feel and behave will change. But changing how we live our lives is the stuff of real miracles. Turning lives around, healing relationships, calming troubled minds and making hearts of stone into hearts burning with passionate faith, is what Jesus Christ does. Trust him today, and watch the possible become doable!