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Healing Scars

But he was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities. Isaiah 53:5 NRSV

adhesive bandage on white background I have a few scars. Some are visible reminders of accidents and surgeries. Others are not easily seen, but are reminders of painful or difficult times in my life.

Scars are signs of hurt. They are indicators of pain. All pain comes from some kind of wound. So there’s a story that goes with every scar.

Mountain Crucifix We are not alone in our scars. Jesus was wounded and scarred too. His scars came from a frightening story of betrayal, rejection, suffering and death.

But God wrote a wonderful end to the story of Jesus’ scars. The end of the story transcends the pain and injustice. It tells a story of hope that I need, and I believe you do too.

Dan Stevers has beautifully woven together a story of our scars and those of Jesus. Then he reminds us God’s transforming work that turns suffering and pain into new life, new hope and a reason for joy.

Please click here to view today’s video. Then let your wounds be touched by Jesus’ healing and restoring love!


Hospitality Is Hardly Enough

“Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’” Luke 13:26 NRSV

MP900447674[1] As Jesus traveled through various towns, someone asked him if only a few people would be saved. That was a good question. Curiously enough, instead of talking about how many would be saved, Jesus told the person how to be saved.

From Jesus’ response, it’s clear that there is only one way to salvation. That is through the narrow door. Of course many people will try other ways, but they will be unsuccessful. Eventually, the way to salvation will be closed, and many will be left standing at the door.00310134

…there is only one way to salvation.

When that happens, Jesus tells us those on the outside are going to try and get in. They will knock on the door and ask that the door be opened back up for them. But the door will stay shut, because the Lord does not know them.

Still not resigned to their fate, those at the door will start pleading their case. They will tell how they had Jesus to dinner, and how they stopped to listen to him when he taught in their towns. They will talk about how nice they were to Jesus. They didn’t call him any names or spread vicious rumors about him. They were always kind, gracious and hospitable towards the Lord. Some of them even gave money to help Jesus’ ministry.

But the Lord does not know them.MP900430964[1]

Despite their pleas, the verdict stands, and the door stays shut. Sharing food, drink and gracious hospitality with Jesus doesn’t get you in the narrow door. Even sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to what he teaches doesn’t get you in the narrow door. Being courteous, curious, generous and hospitable are simply not enough. The only way in is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, we don’t have the opportunity to invite Jesus to dinner. We can’t step out into the street and listen to him teach. But most of us are probably like the man who asked Jesus how many will be saved. We want to know if our names will be on the roll when it’s called up yonder. We want to know if we will be inside the house or left standing outside the closed door.

The answer is the same for us as it was for those Jesus spoke to. Reading the Bible and listening to his words is not enough. Being kind to Jesus by sharing your time and resources with his church is not enough. It is the condition of the heart that determines if the door is opened or not. A heart full of faith and kindled with love for Jesus and for God will find its way in.MP900438605[1]

Living the Christian life means traveling the narrow road that leads to the narrow door. It means daily taking a stance toward Jesus that goes far beyond kindness and hospitality. Jesus wants our hearts. He wants our devotion, our commitment and our faith. 

The only way in is through faith in Jesus Christ.

When we believe in Jesus, then each new day dawns with opportunities to love and serve him. Each new day beckons us to trust and obey.

As we believe and receive God’s grace, we will find ourselves welcomed into the house of the Lord. We will not be left outside, frantic and confused. We will be saved!

No Other Way Blessing copy


Lord, you clearly want me to have more than a casual, courteous and kind relationship with you. I want that too. I want to be the kind of follower that loves and serves, trusts and obeys, and lives by faith in you alone. Help me to be the kind of disciple who walks in the way of salvation!


Walk In Through the Narrow Door!