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Where Do You Live?

Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise. Psalm 84: 4 NRSV

MP900178930[1]What is your soul’s address? Where does it really like to hang out? Where does it most want to be?

The loveliest of all dwelling places is in the presence of the Lord. What could be more glorious? The psalmist knew that being where God dwells is a truly enriching experience. He knew that just being in God’s presence was enough to ignite his joy, and put a song of praise on his lips! The psalmist had discovered a heavenly happiness that depended on God’s glorious presence!

God’s presence brings a heavenly happiness!

As we read his words, we can tell where his heart was. Clearly, he was comfortable and quite at home in spending time with God. I imagine that any time he had some free time, he would slip away and go right to God’s house. This was a person struck by awe, and consumed by praise!Happy business man with other business people walking besides him

Does that sound strange? Is it odd for a person to be consumed by a passion for living in God’s presence? Well, it may be rare, but if you are anything like me you probably find it refreshing and inspiring! Who wouldn’t want to know that kind of happiness! Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of positive, life-affirming desire?

MP900289561[1]Over a hundred years ago, Johannes Brahms recognized the passion and power of the psalmist’s words. He was so moved by them that he included them in his Requiem. Brahms’ music reminded those who heard it that death is a permanent release into the glorious presence of God! No longer would a person enter and leave God’s house. With death, joy is complete, and worship becomes eternal.

But the living also enjoy the glorious presence of God! We experience God’s presence right here and right now. Each and every time we turn to seek God’s face, and open our hearts to God’s love, God draws us into God’s presence. God draws us in and brings us up close. Then God enfolds us in sweetness of God’s love!

God’s presence is for right here and right now.

Let’s do as the psalmist did. Let’s steal a spare moment, and go into God’s presence. Let’s bring God’s presence into the moments of our days.

Let your soul fly into God’s presence! As you do, you will live a most joyful life!

Live in God’s presence, today!


Glorious God, all who seek will find, and all who ask will receive. I am seeking your presence. I am bringing you my praise, and asking you to enfold me in your love. Meet me where I am. Shine down your light on me! Amen.



The God Cap

“…And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Mathew 28:20 NRSV)

This verse has given me great comfort and confidence over the years. I am able to step forward in faith each day because I know my Savior is there guarding and guiding me along life’s way.

The only problem is that today there are scientists who believe my sense  of Jesus’ presence may be nothing more than an illusion triggered by my brain. Recently researchers have begun studying the effects of MP900386733[1] wearing a cap, which contains magnets designed to stimulate certain parts of the brain. With this cap on, research subjects report feeling the presence of others around them, even when no one is there.

Some researchers equate this sense of presence with experiencing God. They claim that the “God cap” proves that religious people, who report MP900385807[1]feeling close to God, are really feeling the effects of neural activation.

For some, this research is proof that there is no God. They believe God is nothing more than a collection of electrochemical events in the brain.

I think the findings suggest an altogether different conclusion. The research on the “God cap” reminds me how wonderfully we are made. It is amazing to realize that God programmed our biology in such a way as to enable us to experience that which transcends our senses. It is wonderful to realize that we are wired to be able to experience God’s presence, God’s love and Christ’s peace in a way that passes all understanding!

This research also suggests that sensing God’s presence isn’t just some mystical experience. The capacity for it seems built right into us, just waiting for us to access it through a faith that is grounded in truth, dependent on grace and motivated by love!

So I am excited by what this research says about our capacity to experience exactly what Jesus promised. He promised his abiding presence. Now we know that his words are more than wishful thinking. Woman On White BackgroundHis words are a fact that we can experience!

So take a moment today to thank God for making you so wonderfully!  Then, commit yourself to centering your thoughts on God, your beliefs on the truths in Scripture, and your actions around love.

As you do, you will know the abiding presence of Jesus, who will be with you every step of the way!

The Inescapable God

 God is with us.

Wherever we are, God is there.

Wherever we go, God will be there.


Believe in God’s presence.

Trust in God’s plan for your life.

Praise your Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer!

Click here for a wonderful video presentation of Psalm 139, and let it assure you of God’s presence.