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Wondrous Love

See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are. 1 John 3:1 NRSV

What wondrous love is this…

that gave himself a sacrifice to make me clean,

that rose from the dead to give me eternal life,

that redeems, remakes and restores me,

that walks with me and talks with me, and tells me I am his own,

that never leaves me or forsakes me.

There is no greater love.

There is no more wondrous love than the love of Jesus!


Knowing God

And this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. John 17:3 NRSV

Blurred christmas lightsThe gift of God, to all those who place their faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ, is eternal life. But what is eternal life?

Jesus’ own words tell us that eternal life is knowing. It is knowing God the Father, who is the one true God. It is also knowing Jesus Christ, who is God’s own Son. Knowing God and Jesus births eternal life!

We come to know God and Jesus because we are recipients of revelation.  By God’s grace our blind eyes are made to see. Our deaf ears are made to hear. Our darkened minds are enlightened. By God’s grace, truth is revealed to us.

By God’s grace the blind see and the deaf hear.

Once we know the truth, the truth sets us free! It sets us free from sin-sick ways of thinking. It frees us from the lies and half-truths that challenge our faith. It frees us from the closed-mindedness that denies God, and God’s love for us.

The truth sets us free!MP900409317[1]

Now, as recipients of revelation, we live in a new reality! We have a whole new way of thinking. We see God as our loving heavenly Father. We know God as Creator. We realize that God loved us so much that he gave his only Son for us. We experience the indwelling of God’s own Spirit, and enjoy the sweetness of living in God’s own presence.

We have come to know who God really is.

As recipients of revelation we have also come to know who we really are. We are children of God. We are beloved. We are washed in the blood of the Lamb. We are followers of Jesus Christ. We are residents of the kingdom of God. We are people who know the truth, and the truth has, and will continue to, set us free!

The more we realize the truth about God and about ourselves, the more we are changed by that truth. The better we know God, the more we live to love and to serve. The more we long to grow in the knowledge and grace of God.

So what can we say? Knowing God and Jesus Christ has changed us, and continues changing us. This is eternal life!MP900409718[1]

Why not celebrate the gift of eternal life that you have? Thank God that you are a recipient of revelation. Rejoice in the saving knowledge you have received. Praise the Lord for the great reality of God’s love, and the new life it has given you!

Celebrate the gift of eternal life!

Then live in the light of what God has revealed to you. Keep your mind grounded in heavenly realities. Use what you know about God and Jesus Christ to empower you, to guide your decisions, and to light your way. Most importantly, continue spending time getting to know God even better, and enjoy the fruits of eternal life!

Know copyPrayer:

Giver of eternal life, you have brought me out of the darkness and into the light. Knowing you has made all the difference! Continue to help me grow in knowledge of you and your Son Jesus Christ. I want to know you better, to love you more and to serve you always!


 Knowing God is Eternal Life!


Born to Love

There is a reason Jesus offers new life: We need it!

The old life leaves us lost, stained with sin and destined to die.

Thanks to Jesus, we are born into a new life. We are born into a life defined by truth, driven by love and destined for service.

So, why not let God’s Word define and direct you. Let Jesus’ love drive you, and determine your every action.


Let the privilege of service and the promise of eternal life draw you into a life of loving, obedient and joyful service!

Come Away


Who wants to hear that? I do! If I am going to follow Jesus, then I want to know what Jesus wants from me.

According to Bonhoeffer, the call of Christ is the call to come and die. That means, those who answer Christ’s call will be leaving some things behind. They will be dying to self, dying to sin, dying to deceit, and dying to the past.

That’s good! Dying to self and sin removes guilt, washes away shame, and sets those who answer Christ’s call on a new course. It opens the way to becoming new creatures in Christ!

So the kind of dying Jesus is bidding us to do is not such a bad thing. It simply means leaving behind the old nature, the old life, and embracing God’s redeeming grace and restoring power!

Why not join me and answer Christ’s call today?

Turn to him. Embrace his love. Let go of the old life, and Come!