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A Love Like None Other

The LORD said to me again, “Go love a woman who has a lover and is an adulteress, just as the LORD loves the people of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love raisin cakes.” Hosea 3:1 NRSV

In one of the most surprising instructions given in the Bible, God directs the prophet Hosea to bring a prostitute into his home. This powerful illustrates the kind of love God is ready to show God’s people, despite their complete lack of loyalty and devotion.

But it does more than that. It also gives us a window into how things look from God’s perspective. Just imagine what it’s like loving those who do reciprocate that love, forgiving those who repeatedly break their promises and vows, and seeking after those who willfully wander away over and over again.

I find that when I understand how someone else sees things, it changes how I relate to that person. It brings me closer to them, helps me communicate more openly with them and deepens our relationship. Seeing not just God’s love, but seeing things from the perspective of the One who gives that love, changes how I relate to my Lord.

In today’s video, the kind of love God shows toward us is powerfully illustrated. By using the metaphor of a marriage, we get a fresh glimpse into what the love is like.

 Click here to view today’s video. After watching, take a moment to thank God for loving us with a love that will not let us go!


Our Glorious God

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 NIV

God is great, and God is glorious! How do I know that? I’ve never seen God. But I have seen, and continue to be amazed by, the works of God’s hands.

Most of us know that if you want to get a window into an author’s mind, you read what the author writes. If you want to get a window into a musician’s heart, you listen to the music composed. If you want a window into the soul of an artist, you look at the art produced.

If we read the words given by God to us, we get a glimpse into God’s mind. If we listen to music of nature, we hear the song of our Creator’s heart. If we look at the world God made, we begin to understand the limitless nature of God’s glory.

Take a moment today to take a peek at what God has done. What you see will amaze you!


Got Problems?

For the Lord hears the needy, and does not despise his own that are in bonds. Psalm 69:33 NRSV

Every one of us faces two kinds of dilemmas. First, we have needs. Some have economic needs. They simply lack the financial resources to meet their obligations. MP900449048[1]Others have social needs. They lack the support and encouragement of close friends and family. There are also those with psychological needs. They need more mental and emotional resources to cope with the stress of daily life. There are those with spiritual needs too. They may have tried drugs, sex and rock and roll, but nothing has filled the God shaped void in their hearts.

Beyond our needs, we also have problems. These are the demands and challengesMP900422200[1] that life brings our way. Problems can become chains that bind us and weigh us down. They can steal our energy and sap our enthusiasm. They can cloud our vision and distract our attention. They can even hinder our ability to answer Christ’s call on our life.

Everyone has needs and problems.

Today, the psalmist is reminding us that God knows our needs, and God does not ignore our problems. That means God is not blind to your situation or out of touch with your needs. God is not up in heaven taking a nap.

Our Lord stands ever ready to turn the resources of heaven and earth our way, so that we might have just what we need. Jesus’ life revealed just how willing God is to meet whatever need presents itself. Jesus fed hungry stomachs, healed broken bodies, restored sick minds and forgave sin-sick souls. There was never a need he could not meet! Jesus proved that God hears the cry of the needy and God answers!

God is tuned in to your needs.

The same is true for those bound by problems. God stands ever ready to respond. In fact, the psalmist says that God does not despise those in bonds. God welcomes those with problems into His grace-filled care. God’s hand stands ready to lift us up, and set us on the road to victory!

Today God knows just what you need. God has seen the problems that are pressing  in on you.

Why not invite your Lord to be part of the solution? Why MP900424422[1]not lay each and every one of your burdens and concerns down at Jesus’ feet? Then, give Him your hand, and open your heart to His love. Listen to God’s Word and follow the Spirit’s leading. As you do, you will discover that God hears you, and answers every need!

Lay your burdens down.

Lean on the everlasting arms!



God, who hears and responds, you know my needs. You understand my problems. Now I am looking for your solutions. Show me the way to go, and the things I need to do. Lift me up, and set me on the road to victory!


Problems copy

Love Serves

For this final week of the Christmas season, today’s post will conclude our look at the love that came down at Christmas. Our blog posts will continue next Monday with the start of 2011. See you then!

“For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 NRSV

I Came From Above Christmas celebrates the arrival of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. Jesus is the one who has power and authority over all things on earth and in heaven. But this King of kings and Lord of lords was born in humility, lived most of his life in obscurity, and died the most humiliating, shameful and torturous death imaginable.

Despite his humble circumstance and relative obscurity, two of his disciples tried to get Jesus to play favorites and promise them a position of prominence in his kingdom. They wanted a piece of the action. They wanted a seat of privilege and power in God’s kingdom. So they asked Jesus to be his right and left hand men.

Jesus knew that they had no idea what they were really asking for. Jesus also knew that they were getting way ahead of themselves. What mattered on the road to Jerusalem was not heaven’s seating chart, but sacrificially serving the needs of humankind.

Sacrificial service is what matters most.

MP900409036[1] The love that was birthed into the world at Christmas does not seek its own way. It doesn’t lord it over others. It doesn’t seek privilege and power. Jesus’ love seeks to serve. Jesus’ love caused him to humble himself, even to death on a cross. That is true greatness!

Jesus love seeks to serve.

Christmas is really about loving so much that we put ourselves last. It is about putting our love for God and our neighbor first. It is about becoming a servant of all! When we love like that, we give the gift that Jesus came to bring, and we become great in the kingdom of God!

Great Love Gives Great Service!


Servant of all, you humbled yourself for us. Now help me to love like that. Give me a servant’s heart. Show me how to live a servant’s life!


Serve copy

Knowing God

And this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. John 17:3 NRSV

Blurred christmas lightsThe gift of God, to all those who place their faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ, is eternal life. But what is eternal life?

Jesus’ own words tell us that eternal life is knowing. It is knowing God the Father, who is the one true God. It is also knowing Jesus Christ, who is God’s own Son. Knowing God and Jesus births eternal life!

We come to know God and Jesus because we are recipients of revelation.  By God’s grace our blind eyes are made to see. Our deaf ears are made to hear. Our darkened minds are enlightened. By God’s grace, truth is revealed to us.

By God’s grace the blind see and the deaf hear.

Once we know the truth, the truth sets us free! It sets us free from sin-sick ways of thinking. It frees us from the lies and half-truths that challenge our faith. It frees us from the closed-mindedness that denies God, and God’s love for us.

The truth sets us free!MP900409317[1]

Now, as recipients of revelation, we live in a new reality! We have a whole new way of thinking. We see God as our loving heavenly Father. We know God as Creator. We realize that God loved us so much that he gave his only Son for us. We experience the indwelling of God’s own Spirit, and enjoy the sweetness of living in God’s own presence.

We have come to know who God really is.

As recipients of revelation we have also come to know who we really are. We are children of God. We are beloved. We are washed in the blood of the Lamb. We are followers of Jesus Christ. We are residents of the kingdom of God. We are people who know the truth, and the truth has, and will continue to, set us free!

The more we realize the truth about God and about ourselves, the more we are changed by that truth. The better we know God, the more we live to love and to serve. The more we long to grow in the knowledge and grace of God.

So what can we say? Knowing God and Jesus Christ has changed us, and continues changing us. This is eternal life!MP900409718[1]

Why not celebrate the gift of eternal life that you have? Thank God that you are a recipient of revelation. Rejoice in the saving knowledge you have received. Praise the Lord for the great reality of God’s love, and the new life it has given you!

Celebrate the gift of eternal life!

Then live in the light of what God has revealed to you. Keep your mind grounded in heavenly realities. Use what you know about God and Jesus Christ to empower you, to guide your decisions, and to light your way. Most importantly, continue spending time getting to know God even better, and enjoy the fruits of eternal life!

Know copyPrayer:

Giver of eternal life, you have brought me out of the darkness and into the light. Knowing you has made all the difference! Continue to help me grow in knowledge of you and your Son Jesus Christ. I want to know you better, to love you more and to serve you always!


 Knowing God is Eternal Life!


From Everlasting to Everlasting

From everlasting to everlasting God gives light.

From everlasting to everlasting God gives love.

From everlasting to everlasting God gives life.


From the rising of the sun to its setting, join me in praising our great God!

God Names

j0179131 The God we love, worship and serve is called by many names in the Bible. Particularly in the Old Testament you can find different Hebrew phrases used to describe God. Each phrase reveals a unique aspect of God and God’s nature.

Explore a few of the names of God using today’s video. Just click here.

MP900430895[1]Then allow yourself to meditate for a moment on each name as the meaning appears.

Take some time today to think about how having a relationship with such a great God changes everything about you, and the way you live your life!