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Are You A Cast Member?

Wherever you are right now, you are probably doing something. You may be at work, at home, standing in line, going somewhere or leaving somewhere. Whatever you are doing, why not do what Martin Luther suggests?

SacredCan work be sacred? Absolutely! When done faithfully, and in a God-honoring way, our work can be an occasion for showing how Jesus Christ has transformed us, for touching other’s lives with God’s love, and for spreading a little bit of joy!

I spent a few days at Disneyworld in Orlando. I never cease to be amazed how the workers there are able to transform an amusement park into “the happiest place on earth!” One reason they are so effective is they are all called cast members. Even the people who empty the trash are members of the cast. So all the employees see themselves as having a role to play and a mission to accomplish.

You’ve probably never worked for Disney, and maybe you haven’t thought of yourself as a cast member. But when it comes to following Jesus Christ, and carrying out the Great Commission, we are all cast members! We all have a mission and a ministry!

So wherever you are today, try thinking of yourself as a cast member, working for the kingdom of God. See your work as your God-given opportunity to send a message, and to be a person who makes a positive impact for the Kingdom. See what you do today as sacred, and make it all well-pleasing to God!