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Stop Doubting & Believe

Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”John 20:27 NRSV

MP900435912[1] This was the moment for which Thomas became famous. He firmly refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. He wanted to put his hand in Jesus’ side before he would let himself believe. Thomas required tangible proof. He had no interest I believing the ravings of bewildered men having what seemed like grief-triggered hallucinations.

Of course, Jesus knew exactly what Thomas needed, and he gave it to him. Then Jesus called Thomas to faith. In that instant, Thomas stopped doubting and started believing. His faith drove him to proclaim Jesus as Lord.

Faith puts doubt to rest.

Thomas is best known for his doubting. But Jesus told him to stop doubting and believe. That was Thomas’ whole problem. He didn’t really need to put his hand in Jesus’ side. He needed to stop doubting and start believing. MP900422224[1]

Jesus knows that as long as we doubt, we can’t believe. Doubt and faith are opposites. They make up an either/or proposition. We are either doubting, or we are believing. We simply can’t do both at the same time.

As long as we doubt, we can’t believe.

Doubt fills our minds with questions. It wraps our heart with the feelings of uncertainty. It casts a shadow across our path and blinds our eyes to the truth. Doubt suffocates faith. As long as we make room for doubt, there will be no room for faith.

But it works the other way too! Faith pushes away doubt. Faith floods the mind with truth. It opens our eyes to God, and our ears to God’s voice. Faith connects us to the Spirit’s power. Faith overcomes obstacles. Faith pushes us in new directions. Faith activates action!

So how do you stop doubting? Begin by doing what Jesus said to do, believe! As long as you are believing, you are not doubting. As long as you are believing, doubt can’t get a grip on you.

MP900422834[1] It’s time to let go of doubt and embrace faith! We face the same choice as Thomas did. We can cling to the doubts that lurk in the dark corners of our minds, or we can believe in Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and he is alive!

Greet Jesus with a heart of FAITH, today!



Jesus, I struggle with doubt too. Without seeing you, it is sometimes hard to be sure. But I know the truth, and the truth is you are alive. Live in me today, and help me to continue believing in and responding to your word each and every day!


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From Doubt To Faith

“Do not doubt but believe.” John 20:27 NRSV

Mountain Crucifix The disciples watched as Jesus was arrested, tried and crucified. Their hopes were dashed, and their worst fears came true. At that moment the faith they had in Jesus must have seemed like foolishness.

What their eyes witnessed told them it was over. No more miracles. No more words of truth. No more dreaming of sitting at Jesus’ right hand in the kingdom of God. No more faith.

With Jesus’ suffering and death, Thomas went from faith to stubborn doubt. As far as he was concerned the story that Jesus was alive was a fairy tale. He was unwilling to be fooled again. Only putting his hands in Jesus’ wounds would convince him.

Jesus met Thomas, and gave him the proof he needed. That moved Thomas from doubt to faith.

I have doubts too. I imagine you do too. Jesus’ love and grace are able to meet us where we are, just like he did with Thomas. Today’s video recounts the struggle Thomas had and the power of our resurrected Lord to move his heart to faith. Please click here for the video.

Then give thanks to God for bringing life out of death, and for bringing us from doubt to faith!

See & Believe

The truth is that we all struggle with doubt. Some days doubt grows so strong that it clouds our vision, drains our confidence and shakes us to our core.

The antidote for doubt is not to try and stop doubting. That seldom works. The antidote is faith. Overcoming doubt begins when we start believing!

Igniter Media has done a wonderful video about believing in what you can’t see based on what you can see. Click here or click on the picture below for their inspiring message.


 Believe what you can see.

Then believe what you see reveals about the God you can not see!