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God In Action: Creation

The Bible reveals God in action and our response. The Bible uses words to describe those actions and responses. Phillip Prescott Parham uses paint.

This is the first in a series that shares his images of epic events described in the Old Testament. I encourage you to read the verses given, then reflect on these powerful designs. You can click on each picture for a link to his website.

Creation and the Fall: Genesis 1:26-28; 3:1-24

Let Us Make Man In our Image


The Creation of Eve

Eve’s first bite

Heartbreak in the Garden of Eden

All images come from the artist’s website:


A Shout of Praise

Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things… Psalm 98:1 NIVMP900402734

The Psalms tell us that the mountains will sing for joy, the seas will roar, and the rivers clap their hands.

Day after day all of creation is joining together in giving praise to our God.

Take a moment to click on the picture below. Then join your heart with creation’s song, and give your praise to God!