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Faithful Followers Follow

“For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land.” (Deuteronomy 8:7a NRSV)

Before Moses answered God’s call to deliver God’s people, the Israelites were in bondage. The Egyptians beat them, bound them, and forced them into hard labor. Israel cried to God, “Deliver us!” God responded by freeing his people, and leading them to the Promised Land.

Today, to Jesus’ followers the Promised Land symbolizes the new life and purpose that Godimage has prepared for us. This is a place where love rules and hope energizes. This is a place where forgiveness cleanses, where fear gives way to faith, and peace washes over every soul. This is a place full of God’s goodness and abundance, where new dreams are born and God’s kingdom work begins. This is a place where impossible giants are slain, and new possibilities are discovered. This is a place of abundant life and eternal blessing!

The only problem is that between Egypt and the Promised Land lies the wilderness. Although Israel wanted to be free, they didn’t really want a difficult and dangerous march across a desert in search of the promised land.

Of course, neither do we. Still, God has a Promised Land for us, and getting there will probably involve some marching through wilderness too.

Today, maybe you are feeling like one of God’s people so long ago. You just wanted to be free. You weren’t looking for a desert march through unknown terrain. But you that following Jesus means carrying crosses. It means staying faithful through the mountains and the deep valleys of life. It means allowing God to refine your faith through life’s trials and temptations.

Here’s the good news: Jesus, our Deliverer, knows the way through the wilderness. Now, God wants you to take your freedom and follow him to a place of blessing! Only he can bring you into the Promised Land of abundant life.

So, take the Master’s hand, walk with him, talk with him, stay close to him, and faithfully follow him down the road he has prepared to bring you into the Promised Land!


Great God, your grace has set me free. You have also prepared a place for me, a promised land. Lead me into the place where you reign, where love rules and faith keeps watch. I want to dwell by the waters of forgiveness and feed in your peace-filled pastures. I am will follow you. I will walk by faith, and go wherever you may lead! Amen.



2013: Prescription

All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work.
(2Timothy 3:16 NRSV)

Want a prescription for what ails you? Consider this: The word of God is a healing balm. It is like a gentle salve that spreads across the cuts, sores, bruises and painful areas of our lives. When God’s word makes contact with our minds, when its truth begins penetrating our thoughts and flowing through our veins, it renews, restores and remakes us!

All of us need the healing touch of truth. The word of God is full of promises and power equal to every illness besetting us, every lie deluding us, and every emotional darkness engulfing us. Its power transforms lost minds, enlivens defeated spirits, and heals broken bodies. Whatever the need, the truth of God’s word is equal to the task!

What’s your need? God’s word has the light you are seeking. God’s truth can show you the way to the new life that God has prepared for you!

So why not step into the word of God today? Begin a new journey. Travel down the pathway of truth. Explore the many promises and truths that God has waiting for you. As you do, ask the Lord to use that truth to brighten your day, to enlighten you mind, and to mold you into the person God created you to be.

Remember, the beginning of a new year is the time to do things differently. It’s time to do something about the cares and concerns you carry, the hurts you harbor, and the things holding you back. It’s the time to listen to a fresh word, to make a fresh start, and to chart a new course! Make 2013 the year you walk in the Word!