Life-Changing Stillness

“Be still, and know that I am God!” Psalm 46:10 NRSV

Herbert Benson, a well-known physician developed what has become known as the relaxation response. This is a state of physiological relaxation that helps treat a range of physical illnesses. The key to the relaxation response is taking time each day to focus on just one thing. That thing might be a word or phrase, a sound or a picture. 

MP900422325[1]Many people who try the relaxation response find it difficult and frustrating. The first thing that happens is that their minds begin wandering. Keeping centered on one thing is particularly hard for minds conditioned by years of information overload. But with time and persistence many people learn to discipline their focus, and begin to reap powerful results.

Today’s video is not about relaxing, or healing. It’s about being still, which is a key to inner healing and well-being. God wants us to be still, so that we might know and experience the fullness of God’s presence and glory. The problem is that being still doesn’t come easily or naturally. But that doesn’t matter. God still says to be still.

MP900402576[1]Take a moment to be still and watch today’s video. Let its message remind you of what being still actually involves. Then give God a few minutes of your full attention. What you discover will deepen your faith and possibly change your life!

For today’s video please click here.

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