The Maximum Promise

Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 NRSV

A university professor, Mark Edmundson, suggests that for many, the moment of maximum pleasure is "the moment when the choices had been multiplied to the highest sum…the moment of maximum promise." (1) It’s as if having infinite possibilities is the ultimate pleasure.

MP900438761[1]Maybe that’s why smartphones are so popular. They promise to keep us connected to whatever we want or could imagine we want, and offer apps that let us pursue almost any interest or activity we want to try whenever we want to try it. According to Edmundson, using that kind of device holds maximum promise of maximum pleasure.

Psychologists like to study the things that influence us and shape our lives. New technologies certainly influence our MP900443361[1]behaviors and change how we go about our days. But they don’t change us. They hold out the promise of a new and better day, but they fail to transform the human soul, or meet the needs and longings of our hearts. Having almost infinite possibilities in a handheld device is nice, but it fails to touch who I really am and fulfill what I most need.

Well, what about faith? What does your faith do for you? Does it open the door to infinite possibilities, or deliver maximum pleasure? Does it touch you at your point of deepest need? Does it offer you new life and the power to be transformed?

MP900443036[1]My faith in Jesus Christ delivers! It doesn’t give me an app to help me search for truth, it gives me truth. It doesn’t let me download e-books about finding fulfillment, it fulfills me. It doesn’t give me list of gods to believe in, it puts me into a relationship with the One who created me, redeemed me and sustains me. It doesn’t track my movements with GPS, it shows me how to follow the Good Shepherd.

I’m not about to abandon the use of technology. Neither am I going to put my faith in a smart phone. The promise I am putting my faith in is the promise of God’s redeeming, life-changing grace. That’s the maximum promise that gives me maximum pleasure!

(1) Mark Edmundson, "Dwelling in Possibilities," The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vol. 54, Issue 27, p. B7.

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