Sleep Like A Baby

He does not withdraw his eyes from the righteous… Job 36:7 NRSV

Newborn Baby in Mother HandThere are few scenes as beautiful or precious as a sleeping infant. Their sleep is so sound, and their bodies are so relaxed that it creates an almost idyllic image of peace. May be that’s why we talk about sleeping like a baby.

As we get older, a good sleep is no less important, but gets harder to find. The quality and duration of our sleep declines, and many of us go for days not feeling fully rested.

I wonder if part of what allows a baby to sleep so well is their implicit trust. As they fall asleep, their minds are probably not filled with to-do lists, or plans and concerns. They have a loved one watching over them, ready to respond to their needs. So they not only fall sleep, they really rest.

Knowing that you are the apple of God’s eye, and that your heavenly Father is loving you and watching over you, can help you find that same kind of rest. Even if you don’t have sleep problems, you can find real peace and true rest by remembering who God is, how much God loves you, and what God is able to do for you.

Trust the truth about God. Then you will be better able to rest in the Lord, and live like the child of God you are!


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