Bless God!

Blessed be the LORD forever. Amen and amen. Psalm 89:52 NRSV

What an amazing statement! Actually, you might not think it is so amazing until you read the verses preceding it. As you read, you see the psalmist praises God after a long list of complaints and tough questions. Before this outburst of praise, you might conclude that the psalmist is fed up with God. He sounds like he is ready to abandon his faith.

MP900443595[1]When he wrote this psalm, nothing was the way the writer thought it should be. The throne of David’s line was overturned. The crown was defiled. The walls of the city were in ruins. The battle was lost, and the army defeated. The enemies rejoiced and continued to taunt and insult the people of God. Worse yet, it looked like God was fed up and ready to walk away from the people God had loved and called to be God’s own.

Surprisingly, as the psalmist nears the end of his prayer, he pleads one final time for God’s help. Then he utters these words of praise to God; “Blessed be the LORD forever.” That tells me praise is possible even in the worst of times!

MP900302951[1]If that’s true, then praising God is not just something we do when everything is going our way. It’s something we can do in times of want and need. It’s something we can do when challenges threaten to overwhelm us. It’s even something we can do when everything comes crashing down around us.

Praise is always possible!

No matter what the time or circumstance, we can do what the psalmist did. We can go to God. We can fall on our knees; bring our questions, our complaints, our petitions and our pleas to the throne of God. So, when the going gets tough, we can go to God!

But that is only the beginning. Psalm 89 didn’t end with a desperate cry. It ended with a proclamation of praise. The psalmist affirmed who God is. That affirmation revealed the depth of his devotion and the enduring nature of his faith.

Praise affirms who God is.

This was not a fair weather follower of God. This was a man who clung tenaciously to his God. This was a man who lived by faith, not by sight.

He blessed the Lord, not because everything was going right, but because he believed in God. More importantly, he continued believing in God even in the depths of despair. So he prayed, he petitioned, and then he gave God praise!

MP900401661[1]The question for us is, will we walk by faith or by sight? We would do well to follow the psalmist’s example and praise God, even in the midst of the storm.

Acknowledging who God is and honoring our Lord in our hearts is key. Let’s never forget to give God the praise and honor God is due in every circumstance!

Blessed Be The Lord Our God!


Great God of all, you deserve all the praise, honor and worship I can give you. But there are times disappointment and fear cloud my faith. Help me to always do as the psalmist did. Help me to lay my burdens at your feet, and exalt you with praise in every time, place and circumstance!


Pr God

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