Start The Day Right

Businesswoman with Husband In Kitchen Growing up, most of  us heard about the importance of eating a good breakfast. How we start the day nutritionally makes a huge impact on how we think, feel and behave the rest of the day.

As a psychologist, I am all about helping people think the kinds of thoughts that will build them up, cultivate the kinds of emotions that support joy, and engage in behaviors that are Christ-honoring and love provoking! But I know that a brain deprived of nutrients is going to be less likely to think rightly, experience peace and joy, or act in adaptive ways. So I try to practice what I preach, and not just eat well at breakfast, but all day long. The more I do, the better I feel, and more able I am to cope with my life’s daily demands.

What they don’t teach in psychology school is how important your spiritual condition is to your overall well-being.That’s something I’ve had to learn on my own.

MP900402559[1] So before I eat breakfast, I feed on the Word of God. I bring my thoughts into line with the truths of Scripture, and draw close to my Savior in prayer. What a world of difference that makes! It puts me in a position where my heart, mind and spirit are better attuned to God’s Spirit and aligned with God’s will. It nourishes the desire in me to love and serve God in the day ahead, and fans the flames of my faith!

You know how important it is to eat right. But don’t ever forget your spiritual nutrients. Start the day right. Bring your hopes and dreams, goals and ambitions, and plans and purposes in line with your faith. Then you will be better equipped to think, feel in behave the way God created you to!

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