Safe Passage

Then they wanted to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the land toward which they were going. John 5:21 NRSV

MP900443774[1] What an amazing day it was. Five thousand hungry people were fed by Jesus. Now it was evening, and time for a boat ride back to Capernaum. The disciples set off on a routine crossing of the Sea of Galilee.

Of course, even routine trips can unexpectedly turn into challenging adventures. A strong wind blew, and the seas grew rough. Jesus’ followers rowed with all their might, but made little progress. Their destination seemed elusive, and their lives threatened.

Routine trips sometimes turn into scary adventures.

In the middle of all this, Jesus came walking on the water. He called out. “It is I; don’t be afraid.” Then, as soon as he got into the boat, they made land.

Have you ever set out on a journey that ended up being a rescue mission for Jesus? We have probably all had times when we set out for nice evening cruise MP900431212[1]into the sunset, only to find ourselves in the middle of turbulent, and sometimes life-threatening waters. When we end up paddling for our lives, we realize just how much we really do need Jesus.

The good news is, when hope begins to dim and our boat begins to sink, Jesus is not far away. He came all the way down from the mountain and across the sea for His disciples. So you can be sure that you are never beyond his reach!

Jesus is never far away.

Once Jesus arrives, he brings a word of hope. “It is I.” When the King of kings and Lord of lords shows up in the middle of your storm, there is no more welcome word! That’s because, with Jesus at your side, no storm can overwhelm you. With Jesus at your side, no enemy can defeat you. With Jesus at your side, you have nothing to fear!

So what can we say? When the storms of life rage, your boat will toss and turn. But when the storms of life rage, Jesus will be there, standing by you. He will cross any distance, overcome any obstacle to reach you.

When he comes, invite him into your boat! As you do, Jesus will take you safely to the other side!

Trust Jesus to bring you to your destination!


Savior, storms come up all the time. Sometimes I am ready, but other times I’m not. Ready or not, I know I need you to bring me through. You know the way. Your hand can calm the storm and navigate me through the fog. Give me safe passage today and in the days ahead, so that I can do your work and follow you wherever you lead!



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