From Doubt To Faith

“Do not doubt but believe.” John 20:27 NRSV

Mountain Crucifix The disciples watched as Jesus was arrested, tried and crucified. Their hopes were dashed, and their worst fears came true. At that moment the faith they had in Jesus must have seemed like foolishness.

What their eyes witnessed told them it was over. No more miracles. No more words of truth. No more dreaming of sitting at Jesus’ right hand in the kingdom of God. No more faith.

With Jesus’ suffering and death, Thomas went from faith to stubborn doubt. As far as he was concerned the story that Jesus was alive was a fairy tale. He was unwilling to be fooled again. Only putting his hands in Jesus’ wounds would convince him.

Jesus met Thomas, and gave him the proof he needed. That moved Thomas from doubt to faith.

I have doubts too. I imagine you do too. Jesus’ love and grace are able to meet us where we are, just like he did with Thomas. Today’s video recounts the struggle Thomas had and the power of our resurrected Lord to move his heart to faith. Please click here for the video.

Then give thanks to God for bringing life out of death, and for bringing us from doubt to faith!

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