Networking Gone Bad

That same day Herod and Pilate became friends with each other, before this they had been enemies. Luke 23:12 NRSV

MP900402718[1] As we get closer to remembering Jesus’ last days and his resurrection, I want to look behind the scenes for a minute. We know that Pilate and Herod were both reluctant participants in the Jews’ plot to do away with Jesus. But what often gets missed when we talk Jesus’ death is that these two became friends.

That relationship was certainly an unholy alliance. Still, it was a coming together of enemies around a mutual problem. Interestingly enough, after the whole Jesus affair was over, the relationship continued.

In today’s terms, I would say that Herod and Pilate were good at networking. They reached out and found a way to help each other. The only problem was that their actions were directly responsible for Jesus’ death. That sounds to me like a case of networking gone bad!

MP900439345[1] Networking is supposed to connect people to people of influence. It is supposed to help us form useful alliances. It is supposed to expand our opportunities and open doors for us.

Networking did all that and more for Pilate and Herod. Unfortunately, they had a total disregard for who they were networking with. I don’t think I would want to drop Herod’s or Pilate’s name, if I were trying to get into the kingdom of God. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I had anything to do with those two!

Today social networks are all the rage. The more “friends” people get on Facebook the more connected and important people feel. I have nothing against being well-connected and having rich social networks. But I wonder what those networks say about us.

MP900442246[1] What does your network look like? What does your list of people who have friended you say about you? What do those relationships say about your beliefs, your desires, your goals, your reputation? Do your social connections reflect your faith and the truths you try to live by?

Let your faith guide you to God-honoring alliances that will build you up, bring honor to the kingdom of God, and help you fulfill Christ’s calling on your own life! As you do, you will enjoy the benefits that come with networking done right!

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