A View From Eternity

MP910218835[1] For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past, or like a watch in the night. Psalm 90:4 NRSV

You might not think of this as one of the most inspiring passages of the Bible. It certainly isn’t as comforting as reading about the Good Shepherd that brings us by still waters. It certainly doesn’t paint rich images of the height, depth and breadth of God’s love.

What it does tell us is that in God’s eyes, a thousand years passes by like yesterday. They are over like a watch in the night. Centuries pass like a dream. The events of time are like grass that flourishes in the morning, then fades and withers at night.

A thousand years pass like yesterday.

MP900446605[1] That may leave you wondering, who am I in God’s sight? Am I a blade of summer grass, long forgotten? Not at all! You are a recipient of God’s grace and love. You are adopted into the family of God. You have a place with God in the expanse of eternity!

When you actually realize who you are in God’s sight, then everything changes. Your whole perspective on the events of your life changes. When viewed from eternity, what once overwhelmed you becomes manageable. What once frightened you, energizes action. The problems you have begin to pale in comparison to the promises of God, the power that is at work in you, and the partnership that you have with God and Christ in eternity!

MP900149003[1] Taking a view from eternity means starting to see things like God does. That kind of view allows you to see the problems of today for what they really are, breezes blowing by. It reminds you that the challenges that rise up this morning will fade and wither. It gives you hope that even the darkest moments you endure will give way to the morning light. It lets you see your life against the backdrop of eternity!

Start seeing things like God does.

When you live in the light of eternity, then you respond with faith to the concerns that crop up. Problems don’t imprison you or defeat you. Challenges become opportunities. You learn to hold on through wind and wave. You become victorious!

MP900402002[1] Why not spend this week looking at yourself and your life through God’s eyes? You are so precious in God’s sight that He sent His only begotten Son for you. Then God turned the tragedy of the cross into the triumph of the resurrection. Not only that, God continues working everything for good for those who love Him and serve Him.

Let the truths of the Christian faith, the promises of God and the words of Scripture give you an eternal perspective on things. Lift up your eyes. Focus on eternity. Then fight the good fight of faith!

Look Through the Eyes of God!


Eternal God, it’s easy for me to lose perspective. Help me to see things through your eyes. Give me a heavenly view of things. Show me who I am to you. Then, keep my eyes fixed on your love, your power and your plans for me!


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