An Enduring Promise

…but I will not remove from him my steadfast love, or be false to my faithfulness. Psalm 89:33 NRSV

MP900443601[1] Many scholars read the Bible as a series of covenants that culminate in the New Covenant made possible by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. God’s covenants were like contracts. They were mostly conditional agreements, with an ‘if’ clause followed by a ‘then’ clause. The ‘if’ clause spelled out the responsibilities and requirements God’s people had to fulfill. The ‘then’ clause specified God’s promised benefits and actions. Those covenants could be summarized by saying, “If you do this, then I will do that.”

Covenants are like contracts.

MP900438585[1]In those covenants there was a reciprocal expectation that both parties had. God’s people expected that God would do all that was promised. God expected that God’s people would do what they promised. Both parties were mutually expectant!

As history unfolded, one covenant gave way to another. This happened because God’s redemptive plan continued to unfold, and God’s people proved unreliable and unable to hold up their end of the agreements. One covenant superseded another, until the New Covenant. At that point God promised grace to all those who had faith in Jesus Christ.

Still, there is one covenant that stands out from the others. God’s covenant with David included a unique clause. God promised to establish David’s throne forever. That part of the covenant was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The ‘if’ clause warned the descendants of David not to forsake God’s law. God promised that if they were disobedient they would be punished, but God’s love for David would endure. God would be faithful to the promise made to David, no matter what!

God is faithful, no matter what!

That covenant reveals something very special about the God we love and serve. It shows us that God’s purposes will endure no matter how humankind responds. God’s purpose was to establish a royal line that would lead to Jesus, the King of Kings. Nothing would stop that from happening!

MP900400681[1]  Today, as people of the New Covenant, God deals with us in much the same way. God expects that we will live by faith, walk in love and submit to the leading of God’s Spirit. When we don’t, God patiently corrects us and continues to mold us. God does not abandon us or stop loving us. God continues to act in love despite our shortcomings.

God will not abandon you.

So we have a great God, who is totally committed to loving us and keeping the promises made to us. But we too have a part. We have a high calling we must remain faithful to.

Covenants are two-way agreements. God has done, is doing and will continue to do God’s part. We have to strive to be just as faithful in the execution of our part. Take a moment today to thank God for God’s faithfulness to the promises made. Then trust those promises as you continue loving and serving the Lord!

Live today trusting in God’s covenant promises!


Covenant God, you are ever faithful to your promises. I trust you, and believe that you will do all you have said you will do. Thank you for your steadfast love and faithfulness. Help me now to do my part, to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and to love you with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength!



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