Real Money

Happy are the wise.There is no better income than finding wisdom. Nothing has a better payoff than having understanding.  Proverbs 3:13-14 adapted

A pastor I worked with and deeply respected told me, “There is never a money problem, it’s always an idea problem.” In other words, money is never the real issue.

That may sound strange to anyone struggling with mounting MP900443794[1]debt and dwindling income. To them money is the answer. If they just had a little bit more, if they could just hit the lottery, then everything would be better.

I’m not sure everything would be better. I do think they would have less financial stress, but that doesn’t mean their lives would be better.

What we really need are some new ideas, and some new ways of doing things. What we need is the kind of wisdom and understanding that helps us to rise up, meet our challenges, and go in a direction that’s consistent with God’s plan for our lives.

With that kind of wisdom, understanding and decision making ability, we would be able to see our way through the tough times. We would be able to stay on course and continue serving God. Best of all, we would be able to be happy and hopeful, even in the most difficult of times.

MP900309399[1] Money is nice, but wisdom is better. Investments are good, but nothing gives a bigger payoff than understanding. So pray for wisdom. Ask God for understanding.

Then you will discover the richest treasure there is!

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