The Best Way

Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer any offering for sin. Hebrews 10:18 NRSV

MP900178811[1] “What can I do to make up for what I’ve done?” That’s a question we’ve all asked. When we make a mistake, cause a problem or hurt someone, we want to want to right our wrong. We want to make up for the troubled we caused.

So we try to find ways to undo what we have done. We apologize. We make promises to change our ways. Then we do things to make amends. All of that makes good sense, and can help restore broken relationships and lost trust.

Pad of Paper & Pen The only problem is that whole approach tends to turn life into a score card. Every mistake and every misstep gets recorded and awaits some corresponding act of restitution. Of course, if  all our wrongs were recorded we  would be quickly overwhelmed by the enormity of what we owe. We would be enslaved to a never ending quest to pay off our mounting debts. There’s just no offering big enough, and no apology long enough to undo what we have done.

We owe an enormous debt.

That’s where forgiveness comes in.  Forgiveness wipes the slate clean. Forgiveness offers us the opportunity to start again, with no debts to pay.

In Old Testament times, God gave people a complex system of offerings and sacrifices to follow for atonement. But ultimately the blood of bulls and goats could not take away sin. Then, with Jesus, God made the ultimate sacrifice. His sacrifice provided redemption once and for all for all who accept his saving grace.

God’s forgiveness is a gift of grace, given in love and at great MP900382868[1]cost. It is a gift that is completely undeserved and unearned. Therein lies the problem. We need it, but we can’t earn it. All we can really do is to admit our shortcomings, and throw ourselves into the grace filled arms of Jesus Christ. All we can do is accept the unfailing love he has shown for us, and the forgiveness he offers.

God’s forgiveness is a gift of grace.

The truth is, where there is forgiveness of sins, there are no offerings required. All that is needed is an open heart, that is penitent toward sin and receptive of God’s grace.

So what can you do to make up for what you’ve done? You can believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You can ask for and receive the forgiveness God is offering. Then you can step forward as one who is redeemed, restored and forgiven!

Forgiveness copy


Forgiving God, I have fallen short of the mark. I need your cleansing, redeeming, restoring grace to forgive my sins and to wipe my slate clean. Thank you for the love that gives me a new start!


Getting God’s forgiveness is the best way to go!

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