Who Does He Think He Is?

Do not judge by appearance, but judge with right judgment. John 7: 24 NRSV

MP900390083[1] Jesus spoke these words to a crowd struggling to figure out who he really was and what he was trying to do. Some of them, including the chief priests and Pharisees, were filled with animosity. Jesus’ teachings didn’t square their way of seeing things.

But then others seemed to recognize that Jesus was more than just another travelling teacher. Jesus’ words were refreshing, and they wanted more. They didn’t let the biased, self-serving views of their religious leaders deprive them of the chance to feed on the Bread of Life. 

PresentationPro,binoculars,discover,male,planning,searches,security,vision,look out,spyingTime after time great men and women of faith have had the courage to look beyond the narrow minded thinking of their day. They refused to judge on appearances alone. They judged their circumstances through the lens of truth.

Look beyond narrow-minded thinking.

Remember David? Everyone in Israel was running scared because Goliath looked unbeatable. But David looked at the giant through the eyes of faith. He knew that his God was bigger than any giant could ever be! So he made a right judgment, and he rose to the challenge.

Today you and I face many challenges. Just as the dazzling the light of Jesus’ truth begins to shine on us, we might wonder, “Is he really who he says he is? Will he do for me all that he said he will do?” When that happens, we might start asking around to see what others think. We might compare Jesus’ teaching to what other authorities say. We might evaluate Jesus’ words by the traditions and values of our society.

Don’t do like they did.Mature businessman looking up.

But Jesus is calling us to be different. He wants us to make a right judgment. Jesus wants you and me to leave our cultural and religious prejudices behind for a moment, and let his words speak directly to us. 

As we do that, we will see that Jesus Christ is exactly who he says he is. We will know the truth, and the truth will set us free!

Why not give Jesus’ words a fresh hearing today? Let him be who he really is, and allow Jesus to do all he wants to do for you!

Make a right judgment today!


Jesus, you are the way the truth and the life! Help me to give your words a chance. Give me the strength to turn from the prevailing winds of skepticism and trust your word. Let me see you as you really are. Then help me to live a life a faith in your word and a life of obedience to your calling!


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