What’s On Your Plate?

The plate in life that you eat from is filled with the fruit of your words. Proverbs 13:2a paraphrased

MP900403574[1] What’s on your plate? Do you like what you see? Does it look appetizing?

Some days my plate is filled with good things. Life is delicious! There are other days things go sour. I definitely prefer delicious!

The writer of Proverbs suggests I will eat what my words reap, and I will reap what my words sow. Words are like seeds planted in the ground. The things I say fall into other people’s lives and plant themselves.

MP900433138[1] Some of my seeds will take root in hearts and begin to color how people feel. Some of my seeds will lodge in minds and impact what people think. As thoughts and feelings change, the behavior of those who get my seed will change too. Those changed behaviors become the harvest that fills my plate. The lesson is: If I want delicious food, then I better plan good seed!

What’s your experience? Do the seeds your words plant produce good fruit? Does the fruit of your words come back and add spice and rich flavor to your life?

MP900202144[1]Speaking the truth in love is one way to promote the growth of good fruit in the lives of those around us. The more you and I guard our tongues, and use our words to welcome, to love, to encourage and to build up, the better the food will be that fills our plates in return!

Want a delicious life? Start today by using your words to plant good seed!

  1. March 16th, 2011

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