No More “No!”

MP900401577[1] Any parent with young children knows that as soon as children begin asking for something, a “No!” starts bubbling up inside us. That’s perfectly normal. It’s almost become a reflex, because we get a relentless barrage of ideas, wants and needs coming at us day after day.

What’s not normal is when we let that “No!” slip out at the wrong times. When our children want to cuddle up close, they don’t need to be pushed away.

And when God calls us to action, we don’t need to say “No” either.

That’s the theme of the song in today’s video. The time has come to stop saying “No!” to God. The time has for us to open our eyes to the needs around us, to listen to the voice of God directing us, and to giving our time, talents and treasure to doing God’s work.

I think we all need to be reminded once in awhile that “No” isn’t always the best response. Click here to watch the video. Then ask yourself if you have been saying “No” when all God wants is a joyful “Yes!”

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