A Message of Peace

“You know the message he sent to the people of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ – he is Lord of all.” Acts 10:36 NRSV

MP900432733[1] Peter was in a tough and tenuous situation. He violated Jewish law by stepping into a Gentile’s home. He was surrounded by a crowd of strangers, and had no idea why he was there.

Once he entered the house, Cornelius told of an angel that had visited him. Then Peter is told the crowd was there to hear his message. All of a sudden Peter understood why he was there, and he told them all about Jesus.

Peter’s words brought a message of peace to those gathered in Cornelius’ home. He told them peace was sent to the Jews in Jesus Christ. As he continued, he realized that Jesus’ peace was not for the Jews only, it was for everyone!

Jesus’ peace is for everyone!

Jesus was and is the Prince of Peace. Jesus brings peace because he is the Lord of all. As Lord, his authority puts down every enemy. His truth destroys every argument. His Spirit heals every hurt, and unites all who follow him under the banner of peace. With Jesus as Lord, there is no need for conflict. God’s will is done, and love is the order of the day!

MP900430642[1] What Peter wanted these Gentiles to know was that with Jesus peace is possible. Peace between God and humankind, peace between man and woman, peace between brother and sister, peace between friends, peace between enemies, and peace between nations, that is what God wants.

With Jesus peace is possible!

That’s a refreshing thought! It must have been a surprising thought for this crowd. Cornelius was not a man of peace. He was a Roman soldier trained for war. As such, he was Peter’s enemy. But all Peter had to talk about was peace!

The message of peace is one that I need, and I know our world sorely needs. Peter knew God wants to give peace, a peace that passes all understanding. But that peace is only possible through Jesus Christ!

The more we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives, the more barriers will begin to fall, strife will cease and peace will reign!

God’s message for you is the message of peace!


Giver of Peace, bring your peace into my life. Let your love rule in heart, your truth guide my mind and your peace fill my soul. Then make me an instrument of your peace. Use me to spread the love of Jesus so your kingdom might come and your peace reign over all!


Peace copy

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