Avoid Spontaneous Combustion

Strife is stirred up by the hot-tempered. Contention is calmed by those slow to anger. Proverbs 15:18 adapted

MP900390445[1] In the certain industries, people work around combustible materials and explosive gases. In those places safety is the #1 concern. Everything possible has to be done to protect the workers. Of course the key to safety in those situations is prevention. The focus has to be on reducing the risk of combustion and explosion.

Relationships can be just like those combustible environments. Angry, temperamental people can spark conflict in a flash. All it takes is little misunderstanding, and they explode. That is the wrong kind of person to be in a relationship with. For some, it creates a dangerous environment, which threatens their safety and well-being.

abstract fire on blackWise people understand the dangers of spontaneous combustion. They recognize the  havoc a hot temper can cause. So they are careful to not throw gasoline on the fire. They don’t fight back with anger. They know that fighting fire with fire can explode into a disastrous situation.

Wise people are slow to anger. They don’t purposely aggravate a situation. They don’t look for ways to cause trouble. They are the kind of people I want to surround myself with.

What I find is that when I am around those who are slow to anger there is a calm, even in stressful times. My life is tough enough. I don’t need to be around angry people who stir up problems and set fires. I need to partner with those who work hard to prevent conflict, and who respond to life’s stress with patience, love and Christ-honoring action.

You may be in a combustible situation, and you may not be able to change your MP900442246[1]environment. The key is to surround yourself with people who will work hard with you to prevent the kinds of explosions that break relationships apart and destroy lives. Those who put the love of Christ into action can reduce the risk of strife and bring calm to even the most difficult times.

Why not keep yourself near those people?  Why not do all you can to reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion!

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