Wise Requests

Dreaming and Happy Wise people make wise requests. They don’t ask for things they don’t need. They ask for the things that will make their lives better, their faith stronger and their relationship with Jesus Christ deeper.

Using some of the thoughts expressed in Psalm 15, which was written by one of the wisest men in the Old Testament, let’s pray a prayer today for the things we need most.

My Lord and my God,

I am so thankful for Your presence in my life, and the blessed fellowship I enjoy being close to You. As I walk with You today, help me to do all the things You would have me do, and to be the person You created me to be.

Let my daily walk be blameless. Help me to always do what’s right. Let my heart speak the truth, and train my tongue to refrain from slander, boasting and deceit. Guide my actions that I might help and not hinder, build up and not tear down, and love all who cross my path.

Let me always honor my brothers and sisters in Christ. Help me to do everything in my power to support the poor and protect the innocent.

My God, guide me today, and every day by Your love. Keep me in the shadow of Your grace. Let me never be moved from loving and serving You!


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