A Generous Portion

I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10 NRSV

MP900442347[1] Think of all that God has done for you. Remember the troubles the Lord has delivered you from. Look back and see just how far God has brought you as a follower of Jesus Christ. Then, give praise to God for all the grace and goodness you have received. Raise a song of thanksgiving and shout for joy!

But don’t stop there. Ask yourself whether or not God is finished with you yet. Has the Lord given you your share of blessings and moved on to others in need? Certainly not! God is not finished with you yet. God’s love for you is everlasting. God’s mercies and blessings are renewed every morning. God’s plan for you extends on into eternity!

God isn’t finished with you yet.

Just read what God said to his people in Psalm 81. They had experienced God’s blessings in ways that almost defy belief. Their history was marked by miracle after miracle. Still, God continued inviting his people to come to his banquet table, and to find food for their hungry souls. Through the psalmist’s words, God let his children know there were good and perfect gifts just waiting for them. They just had to open their mouths and be filled.

The truth is that God is in the blessing business. God’s resources never run dry. Even today God is ready to give you more than you could ask for or imagine. In fact, according to the psalmist, God is ready to give you as much as you can hold. Now God wants you to open your mouth as wide as possible, so you can be filled to the full! There certainly is no stinginess in God’s Kingdom!

You can be filled to the full.

Simply stated, the Lord cares for and abundantly blesses his children. God is looking for hungry souls who turn to him daily for sustenance and for strength. God is longing to bless those who will delight in him!

MP900443617[1]Are you hungry for blessings? Are you hoping God will heap your plate full of loving kindness and mercy? Well, you’ve come to the right God.

Now make yourself available to God. Come into God’s presence, and take your place at his banquet table. Tell the Lord what you need. Then open wide and receive today a generous portion of the grace that gives not just life, but life more abundant!

Just Open Wide & Receive!


Gracious God, Your goodness know no bounds. Your love is from everlasting to everlasting. Thank you for your blessings. They are too numerous to count.

You have provided for me, guided me and brought me to today. Continue now to fill me with the blessings of your grace, and lead me into the tomorrow you have prepared for me!


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