Keep On!

The wise are those who keep on listening, learning and building their skills. Proverbs 1:5 adapted

I hear people say, “I just keep on keeping on.” That sounds like a good way to live. Just keep on going. Don’t let life get you down.

MP900341719[1] But I think we can do better than just keeping on. The problem is that to keep on, when we are going the wrong direction, makes no sense. To keep on hitting our heads against walls does no good. Traveling down dead end roads, gets us nowhere.

The trick, according to the writer of Proverbs, is to keep on doing the things that will keep us going God’s way. That means to keep on listening to what God is trying to say, learning the principles revealed in God’s Word, and building spiritual muscles. The more we know about Jesus, the better we understand what God wants, and the more consistently we put into practice what we believe, the more progress we will make!

MP900401659[1] So before you decide to just keep on keeping on, take a few minutes to decide what exactly you want to keep on doing. Then really keep on, and put everything you’ve got into running the race of faith!

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