Fighting & Fleeing

O Lord my God, in you I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me. Psalm 7:1 NRSV

Family Fighting For a long time I have wondered why God put the fight and flight response in us. Running away from my problems never really did much good. Neither did picking a fight. So what good is the fight/flight response to me?

What I have started to realize is that fighting is not a bad idea, if I battle the real  enemy. Raising my voice at the people around me, or kicking things just makes the MP900443296[1]situation worse. The real battle is in my mind. My thoughts are fanning the flames of distress. So that’s where the battle needs to be waged.

Fleeing can also help, if I stop running away from trouble and run toward God. The psalmist knew that the only way to survive the myriad of challenges and threats we face is to flee and to take our refuge in God. God alone is the rock of our salvation and our sure defense.

That tells me that my instincts to fight and flee are right. Done right, fighting and fleeing can be very effective strategies in times of distress and danger! The trick is that I need to go to God for refuge, and use the truth of God’s Word to fight the battle in my mind.

When I remember to do those two things, trouble begins to feel less troublesome, and victory seems more sure!


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