100% Allegiance

There shall be no strange god among you; you shall not bow down to a foreign god. Psalm 81:9 NRSV

MP900446917[1] This is no game. When it comes to faith and devotion, God is completely serious. He wants nothing less than 100% allegiance. He wants your whole heart, soul and mind to love Him and Him alone. God wants your life to be lived in such passion that you are consumed with the desire to worship and to serve Him alone.

The Lord wants you to go where his Spirit leads you, and to do what Jesus asks you to do. God wants you to live by His truth and to believe what He says. He wants you to trust in His everlasting love and to rest in the peace that He alone can give. God wants to be your Alpha and Omega, your beginning and your end!

Is God your beginning and end?

Maybe that seems a little extreme. Maybe you would rather give God His due just on Sundays. Or you could just give God a half an hour every morning for prayer and Bible readings. You might even try to get by with hanging a religious wall calendar up in your office.

All of these are good things. But the question is does God have you full attention and allegiance?MP900399350[1]

Well, what other gods are there to worship? Today many bow in allegiance to their work, to the pursuit of wealth and to the goal of obtaining personal happiness. In fact, there are some who work for these things with a fervor that rivals their devotion to God.

Where else does your allegiance lie?

What would our lives be like if we worshipped and served God as seriously as we worked? How would our days be different if we spent as much time planning our service to God as we spend planning our finances? How different would our lives be if we sought first the Kingdom of God and trusted the Lord for everything else? How different would we be be if we actually gave God 100% allegiance?

If all that were true, I guess there would be no strange gods among us. Then we would not be bowing down to worldly passions or serving selfish desires.

God is a jealous God. He wants our full devotion. He wants all of us. The question is do we want all of him?

God wants all of you!

MP900401933[1]Why not make this day a day wholly for God? Begin by placing your full faith in Him. Then trust God for every need you have. Consider what Jesus would do in every situation you face. Serve the Lord in everything.

As you do, you will know the blessed touch of God’s presence in your life, and you will live in the power of His strength!

Give God Your All Today!


God of all, you deserve my 100% allegiance. Help me to turn away from things that distract me from you and compromise my faith. Help me to keep putting you first, and to serve you above all today and every day!


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