Jesus’ Gifts for 2011

The law indeed was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17 NRSV

MP900433139[1] What does the world offer for 2011? Economic uncertainty and global unrest are all available. But those aren’t gifts I want.

What does Jesus offer for 2011? When he was born into our world, Jesus Christ brought grace and truth with him. When you invite him into your 2011 life, he offers those same gifts, the gifts that give new life!

Before Jesus arrived, what did God’s people have to lead them into each new MP900399041[1]year?  They had the Law of Moses. It provided rules to obey and guidelines to follow. The Law also pointed out the sin of God’s people, and made very clear how often they fell short.

But today, for those who enter the new year with the gifts of Jesus Christ, there is no condemnation. There is just God’s grace and love. There is also a truth that breaks the death grip of sin, and leads us to new life!

Jesus has the gifts you need!

It’s wonderful to know that as we start 2011 Jesus’ grace and truth are already at work in our lives! His grace is the same grace that gives sight to the blind and makes broken lives whole again. His truth is the same truth that overcomes the darkness and sets prisoners free from sin and death.

Grace and truth are dynamic life-altering gifts! Jesus brought grace and truth from heaven to earth in order that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Wow!

MP900440956[1]Now God has given you and me a new year. More importantly, Jesus has arrived to fill that our new year with grace and truth. If we grab hold of what he brings, we will have everything that we need for a joy-filled and God glorifying year!

Yes, 2011 will be the best year yet if you and I embrace what Jesus offers. Accept and thank him for his grace. Spend time with the truth, and live by Jesus’ word. Let God’s grace and truth permeate every part of your life!

Grace copy


Giver of every good and perfect gift, I need your grace and truth more than anything. Fill my mind, my life and my days with your love. Guide me in the way that leads to life eternal!


 Jesus Has The Gifts of God for You!


  1. God Bless Your Heart, May everyone come to Know the Gift of God, that is in Christ Jesus. I pray that you may be blessed and that the Lord may continue to give you more wisdom and Compassion to share the Truth in love. Be Blessed, you and your viewers.

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