Love Serves

For this final week of the Christmas season, today’s post will conclude our look at the love that came down at Christmas. Our blog posts will continue next Monday with the start of 2011. See you then!

“For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 NRSV

I Came From Above Christmas celebrates the arrival of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son. Jesus is the one who has power and authority over all things on earth and in heaven. But this King of kings and Lord of lords was born in humility, lived most of his life in obscurity, and died the most humiliating, shameful and torturous death imaginable.

Despite his humble circumstance and relative obscurity, two of his disciples tried to get Jesus to play favorites and promise them a position of prominence in his kingdom. They wanted a piece of the action. They wanted a seat of privilege and power in God’s kingdom. So they asked Jesus to be his right and left hand men.

Jesus knew that they had no idea what they were really asking for. Jesus also knew that they were getting way ahead of themselves. What mattered on the road to Jerusalem was not heaven’s seating chart, but sacrificially serving the needs of humankind.

Sacrificial service is what matters most.

MP900409036[1] The love that was birthed into the world at Christmas does not seek its own way. It doesn’t lord it over others. It doesn’t seek privilege and power. Jesus’ love seeks to serve. Jesus’ love caused him to humble himself, even to death on a cross. That is true greatness!

Jesus love seeks to serve.

Christmas is really about loving so much that we put ourselves last. It is about putting our love for God and our neighbor first. It is about becoming a servant of all! When we love like that, we give the gift that Jesus came to bring, and we become great in the kingdom of God!

Great Love Gives Great Service!


Servant of all, you humbled yourself for us. Now help me to love like that. Give me a servant’s heart. Show me how to live a servant’s life!


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