Total Trust

Baby Looking Upwards I am richly blessed with two grandchildren. Their arrival has filled my world with wonder. I look at their faces and see the miracle of life and love at work in them.

One of the amazing things I’ve noticed in my young grandchildren is their capacity for absolute and total trust in whoever is holding them. These young children get passed from person to person, and no matter whose arms they are in, they smile and interact. No matter what goofy sounds the person makes or how high they toss them, my grandchildren pretty much go with the flow.

Of course they don’t have much choice. At just a few months of age, they can’t tell us what they want or need. They just have to trust us to care for them, to entertain them, to teach them, and to provide the kind of environment that will help them grow into the people God created them to be.

MP900444164[1] I am starting to learn from their example. I have always known that faith is believing and trusting. But I am realizing the difference between just believing something, and the total trust infants put in those who care for them. They are helpless, and they live in a state of total dependency. All they can do is to give themselves wholeheartedly to those who watch over them. That’s real faith!

No wonder Jesus was so glad to be surrounded by children. No wonder Jesus spoke of the importance of having a childlike faith!

I wonder, as we grow up, do we grow out of that kind of faith? Do we come to take a more cautious approach with God, our heavenly Father?

Real faith, the faith Jesus wants to see grow in us, is a faith that recognizes our own weaknesses and limitations. Then it totally, and without reservation, embraces God’s love, our Good Shepherd’s care and the Holy Spirit’s direction!

MP900443495[1] Growing into that kind of faith means leans totally on the everlasting arms of God. It involves putting our lives so completely into God’s hands, that we go joyfully where God calls us to go, and we do enthusiastically what God asks us to do. It means making God the one in whom we live and move and have our being!

I have learned much from my children. Now it seems my grandchildren are teaching me too. Let’s all grow into a faith that trusts God totally!

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