Life Without Limits

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 NRSV

Nick VujicicNick Vujicic wrote a book, Life With Limits. He wrote about what he knew. He knew that with God, nothing is impossible. Of course that is easy to say, but harder to live out. Nick was born without hands, arms, feet or legs. Still, he has come to live an active, productive and inspiring life. He’s a living example that God can do anything and use anyone!

Before Jesus was born, an angel told Mary that with God nothing was impossible.MC900048415 It  was important for Mary to hear and believe that truth, because she was going to give birth to God’s Son. There are few things that challenge a person’s faith more than being told you are to do something that’s clearly impossible.

Wise people don’t just look at the problems they face, they look at the resources they have to face those problems with. You and I have have God as our heavenly Father. With God no problem is too big or task too hard. There are no limits to what God can do in and through us!

MP900341455[1] Christmas is the perfect time of year to begin letting go many of the limitations we put on ourselves. After all, we teach children to use their imagination and believe there is an jolly old man living in the North Pole, who drops down chimneys and leaves gifts galore. Why can’t we use our faith and live like there is a God in heaven, and a Savior who loves us and gave his life for us? Why can’t we believe that God will enable us and empower us to do all that God asks us to do?

There is not one thing that is impossible with God. Beginning right now, let’s live like Mary did. Let’s live like we believe what the angel said.

Let’s live a life without limits!

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