Arrivals & Departures


Some people say that Advent, the season leading up to Christmas, is a journey. The wonderful thing about the journey to Christmas is that when we get there, we discover that we have only just begun!

Journeys are made up of arrivals and departures. When December 25 rolls around we celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ into our world. He came in the form of a baby. Angels and heavenly host announced his arrival, and wisemen brought him gifts. This was such an important arrival that both heaven and earth joined in the celebration!

But at the same time we celebrate Jesus’ arrival, those who believe in him begin their own journey. They depart the old life, and begin a new life of service and devotion.

So I was wondering if you think of Christmas as a day that arrives, or as yourMP900399765[1] departure point? Do you see Jesus’ arrival as calling you away from the old well-worn paths you have been traveling all your life? Do you see Jesus’ arrival as your opportunity to get on the gospel bus and travel down the road of truth?

To me, one of the most exciting parts of this season is that it represents the possibility of a new beginning. I get to start fresh, and to set my sights on following Jesus Christ even more closely than ever before!MP900399587[1]

Jesus arrived so we might depart. Why not use these weeks before Christmas to  prepare for your departure?  Prepare to go God’s way, and to answer Christ’s call on your life. Then, when Christmas arrives, step out on your journey of love and service!

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