Looking Past Ourselves

On that day people will regard their Maker, and their eyes will look to the Holy One of Israel; they will not have regard for the altars, the work of their hands, and they will not look to what their own fingers have made, either the sacred poles or the altars of incense. Isaiah 17:7-8 NRSV

Little Boy Crying There is a reason the second year of life is called the terrible twos. Children go through what Erickson calls a time of egocentrism. They see the world revolving around them. They believe themselves to be the center of the universe. Of course this frustrates parents no end.

I wonder if God doesn’t look at us and feel the same kind of frustration at times. I know that more times than I want to admit, I see myself at the center of things. I put my wants first. I do what I think is right. At those times I probably look like a spoiled two-year old to God.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Isaiah saw a day when God’s people would finally learn that they were not at the center of the universe. God, in God’s own time, and by God’s gracious grace, would bring his people to the place where they would put God where God belonged, at the center of the universe.

They would see and acknowledge God as their Maker. They would look to God for guidance, for help, for strength and provision. They would abandon their self-serving practices, and worship and serve the Lord in humility.

MP900401432[1]This is what Advent is all about. It is the time for us to look past ourselves and to  see what God is doing. It is our time to step off the throne and make room in our lives for the coming King. Those who do will find their faith maturing, and their lives coming into proper perspective.

Will you join me in using the days leading up to Christmas as time to put Jesus Christ at the center of the universe? He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We are not the Way. We are not the Truth, and without Jesus we can’t enjoy the gift of eternal life.

Let’s give God and God’s Son their rightful place in our lives!

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