The Bible

It’s on my shelf, and it’s probably on yours too.

But it isn’t having a Bible, displaying a Bible or carrying a Bible that makes the difference.

It is only when the scriptures are read and prayerfully probed that the Bible becomes the word of God. Reading it and meditating on its truths makes the Bible come to life. Trusting the Bible’s promises and telling its stories gives it relevance. Applying the principles outlined in Scripture, and practicing the Bible’s teachings turn it from mere words into bread for our souls.

Click here for a brief video that reminds us of what the Bible can be to those who open it and explore its treasures!


  1. Very true! I’ve found that reading/meditating on the Bible every day is important, especially in the morning, as it sets your day up well. It opens your life to that Godly wisdom, and you carry it and share it throughout the rest of the day.

  2. I love this brief note of a blog, packed full of meaning. I open the Bible each day to find new help, strength and guidance. Couldn’t do without it!

  3. I read a daily chronological Bible and it’s amazing how God speaks to me every day! Even though it was written thousands of years ago there are so many stories in it that scream right out to me. Here in 2011, God teaches me through what Moses, David, Jacob and so many others went through. I don’t profess to be chosen like they were but I find that I face the same sort of personal challenges they did. I fail, just like they did. I stray, just like they did. I suffer consequences like they did. I’m forgiven, just like they were!

  4. I’ve just come into faith, and bought my first bible at the age of 37 !!!
    And I believe you are spot on with what you say. The words should reach out and touch you.
    That’s what happens to me.

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for a great post about the importance of the Scriptures – definitely important for us to be “prayerfully probing” the scriptures as best we can. Martin Luther said we must “beat the Bible with our minds until it yields”. But don’t you think the Bible is the inspired word of God, regardless of whether it is believed and probed? I’m not sure it “becomes” the Word of God – it IS the Word of God, in itself, and is “Living and Active” (Heb. 4:12), whether we dig into it or not. Check out an essay I wrote on this topic for my degree in Hermeneutics on my blog here –

    I love your attiude and love for the Word!

    Love in Christ,


  6. It is amazing all of the prophecies that are in the Bible and seeing them fulfilled in our time is truly incredible. Its the greatest book of all time!

  7. The Holy Bible is a really great book. It can change your life in several manners.

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