Committing to the Cause

MP900399987[1] Finding satisfaction and stability in relationships is one of my favorite topics to teach.There’s lots of research on having successful relationships. The problem is that knowing what works is one thing, doing it is another.

One of the most interesting trends in relationship research is the finding that couples who move-in together, prior to marriage, have a much higher rate of break-up than those who do not. There may be many reasons for this, but I imagine the lack of commitment that goes with cohabitation plays a big role.

Whether married or not, all relationships go through highs and lows. The demands of life and the stress of daily living can leave two people feeling distant and disinterested. Once the relationship is strained, cohabiting couples see little reason to stay together. Ending the relationship seems the logical course.

Of course when there is a commitment, like that offered in marriage, it is much more difficult  to walk away, and the consequences tend to be much more damaging.  MP900423080[1]So when stress mounts, and the marriage relationship ends up on rocky ground, doing what we promised to do is key. Marriage involves promising to love, honor and cherish our partners. There was nothing in my vows about “as long as it works out” or “as long as I feel like it.” So when the going gets tough, the committed stay together. They hold true to their vows, and do what they promised to do.

I am surprised at how often what I learn in my marriage relates to my relationship with Jesus Christ. Just like in marriage, I find myself at times feeling very close to my Lord. I enjoy a sense of deep satisfaction, because of the faith relationship I have. There are other times when that isn’t really the case. At those times I don’t walk away from my faith. I don’t turn away from Jesus’ calling on my life. I don’t look for another religious guru to follow. I do the best I can to work through the issues I am having, and try to stay true to my commitment.

Loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and loving others as myself is not always what I feel like doing. But that is what am I committed to doing. My commitment to Jesus Christ, and my promise to serve him to the end, is what keeps me going.

Relationships that last don’t come from the luck of the draw. They last because the people in them are committed to the relationship, and willing to do whatever it takes to honor that commitment. A faith that flourishes isn’t just luck either. It’s the result of disciples who honor their commitment to Jesus Christ!MP900309381[1]

As I mentioned earlier this week, an exceptional life comes from an exceptional commitment. Let’s rededicate ourselves to the cause of Christ, and recommit to being a people through whom Jesus can touch the world with love!

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