Personal Power?

MP900182676[1] We can praise God from the rising of the sun to its setting. We can give God glory, and tell God’s mighty acts. But when push comes to shove, how do we live? Do we live like we are in control, or like God is?

Jill Carattini talks about the fable of personal control. If she is right, and personal MC900115916control is nothing more than a fable, then it’s a story lots of people are living by. The problem is that a fable is just a fable. It’s based on principles at work in  imaginary worlds. Also, fables grow out of belief systems that may or may not match the principles of our faith. So those who spend their lives trying to take control of their own destinies are living by the fable of personal control, which can be a bit like chasing rainbows.

For the Christian, Carattini says, “The subtle fable of personal control is confronted by a story of life and death, a remarkable beginning and a far more remarkable end.” In other words, we may think we are in charge, but once we meet Jesus Christ we realize that’s a misguided notion. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ reveals that God is alive and at work in creation. Jesus is the proof that God’s hand is guiding history.

There is nothing you or I can do to change God’s plan or the coming rule of Jesus Christ over all creation. What we can do is to exchange our fable of personal control for the truth of God’s perfect plan for our lives. Those who do, abandon the constant struggle for control, and begin to relax into a life of humble and joyful obedience. They take their place with all whose destinies are defined by their faith in God, and with those whose lives are driven by their love for Jesus Christ!MP900438632[1]

Robert Firestone says that “Personal power is based on strength, confidence and competence…” Those who follow Jesus Christ discover all those things and more!

Why not turn your life more fully over to Jesus Christ. Look to him for your strength. Let him be your source of confidence. Let him equip you, empower you and lead you to victory!

Leave the fables and fairy tales behind. Make Jesus be the Lord of life and your source of power!

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