Truth or Consequences?

Destruction awaits those who despise God’s word. Those who trust Scripture’s truths and respect God’s commands will be rewarded! Proverbs 13:13 adapted

TV Remote Control One of the earliest and most popular TV game shows was Truth or Consequences. The idea was that contestants who didn’t correctly answer questions had to perform crazy stunts. I think the appeal of the show was not hearing the questions, but watching the embarrassing stunts. The message I got from that show was, you had better know the truth, or you will suffer the consequences!

Thousands of years ago the writer of Proverbs said pretty much the same thing. He realized that knowing the truth and trusting the truth were critical. But he also recognized that not everyone valued, let alone lived by, the truths of God’s word.MP900384794[1]

The writer of Proverbs points out that those who don’t know that God’s word is  truth, and reject Scripture’s teachings, will find themselves suffering not just embarrassing, but very destructive consequences. Those who know the truth, and trust God’s word as their guide for faith and life, will receive rewards. They will enjoy God’s abundant blessings!

So I have to ask myself, do I know the truth? More importantly, do I trust the truth?

These are critical questions, because life is not a game show. The consequences of getting those two questions wrong are life-changing.

Do you know the truth? Do you trust the truth?

All who choose God’s word, who trust God’s word and tell God’s truth, will enjoy truly blessed consequences!

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