Expectation Determines Experience

MP900443373[1] You know that different people, listening to the same information, can come away with wildly different experiences. Some may come away feeling informed and inspired. While others leaves feeling empty and discouraged. How is that possible?

The problem is that expectation determines experience. We get what we expect. If we come to an experience ready to learn, with an open mind  and expecting to receive what we need, we will likely be satisfied. If we go in closed minded and ready to reject whatever we hear, we will be left as empty as we came in. Expectation acts like a sieve. It holds back things we don’t expect, and lets through the things that fit our preconceived notions.

MP900049600[1] Think about a person who goes fishing. His intention is to catch a couple of fish for a nice dinner. After a few hours of trying the line tightens, and the fisherman hauls in a catch. Sadly, at the end of the line is nothing but an old boot. That wasn’t what he was looking for, so he throws it back. He expects a fresh fish, and the old boot doesn’t even come close. The problem is that even though the boot wasn’t a fish, it had a sack of old coins in it worth millions of dollars. The man missed a golden opportunity, because he was expecting the wrong thing.

This was part of the problem for many of the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day. They were expecting a Messiah  who looked like them, and who spoke words that confirmed their long held beliefs. So when they saw Jesus, who came from a poor town and family of no distinction, and kept company with tax collectors and MP900385218[1]sinners, they turned their backs on him and tossed him back.  How tragic! Jesus had a treasure that would enrich their lives in ways that went far beyond anything they could have imagined. But they treated him like an old shoe.

Of course, not everyone felt like they did. Many who came to Jesus went away healed, delivered, inspired and full of life! That’s because they came to Jesus with a completely different mindset.  They expected to get some of what he was offering. So that’s what they got, and more!

What are you getting from Jesus? What exactly are your expectations? Are you getting what you expect? Are you looking so hard for what you want, that you may be missing what Jesus is prepared to give?MP900403668[1]

If you approach the Lord with an open mind, expecting to hear the life-changing truth, expecting to receive life-transforming grace and ready to respond to all that God has planned for you, then you just may experience Jesus in a whole new way!

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