From Positive Thinking to Victorious Faith!

MP900442301[1] From the time many of us were small we heard the message: If you think you can, then you can. That message first came to me in a book about a little steam engine that huffed and puffed up a hill while repeating to itself, “I think I can, I think I can.” Once I grew up I heard the same message in the positive thinking movement. Then possibility thinking came along, which told me to never give up because all things are possible.

From all this I have learned the way I think has a profound impact on the direction my life takes and the success I enjoy. But most of us have times when we tell MP900430797[1]ourselves, I think I can, but we find out we can’t. Thinking that I could be a rich and successful  professional athlete is not going to make it happen. Even if I trained and conditioned my body, I do not possess the talent or skills necessary to excel in sports. Nothing, not positive thinking, not possibility thinking or anything else will change that!

If positive think and possibility thinking don’t always work, then what else is there? There is faith in Jesus Christ, which stands like a solid rock when everything else turns to sinking sand.

A faith that stands strong, despite life’s circumstances, is a faith that keeps us loving and serving the Lord. That’s important, because not only is faith key to our success, it is key to our MP900409766[1] devotion. If faith does not motivate us to love and obey Jesus Christ, then it is of little value. But a faith that deepens our devotion, and pushes us to love the Lord and our neighbor as ourselves, is the kind of faith that transforms us into the people God wants us to be.

So positive thinking and possibility thinking are nice. They have their place. But Christians know that as long as we are living lives of faith, truly trusting and obeying Jesus Christ, we will be VICTORIOUS!

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