Is Anybody Listening?

Wisdom cries out in the street, in the squares she raises her voice. Proverbs 1:20 NRSV

MP900423020[1] Wisdom may be crying out, but I wonder, is anybody listening? Our attention span is so short today that I question whether we are even able to keep our mind focused long enough to really hear the message God has for us.

This is not a new problem. The Jews in the Old Testament were frequently chided by prophets for ignoring the Word of the Lord. The Word was there, it was crying out in the streets, but few were listening.

MP900401941[1] Of course the ancient Jews didn’t have texting , web-surfing, email, e-readers, Facebook, DVRs or infotainment. They didn’t have the kind of information overload we have today. I think it is safe to say that we have more information available today than any of us can possibly consume.

So we have two choices, we can bounce from one thing to another, hoping to pick up useful  tidbits along the way. Or we can sharpen our focus, turn away from the noise, and tune into God’s voice, the voice of truth and wisdom crying out in the street!

When I finally settle down and focus in on God and God’s Word, I always come away refreshed and restored. I never come away feeling like the time I put into matters of faith was wasted time. I find that the Word of God is always worth listening to!

Not only that, I find the more attention I put on God’s Word, the more impact it has on me! In fact, I can honestly say that the impact God’s Word has on my life is directly proportional to the amount of attention I give it!

Maybe that is why prayer is such a powerful experience. As we pray, we take our normally divided attention and put it all on God. When that happens, the impressions we receive, the verses that come to mind, and the impulses we feel end up having a very powerful effect on us!

Today wisdom continues crying out. The Word is searching for listening ears. Why not tune out the noise for a day and tune into truth. Give God the gift of your attention. Then hear what God has to say!


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