Remember & Resurrect

Plato believed that learning is really remembering. From that perspective, learning is not the discovery of something new, as much as it is the recovery of something long forgotten. That tells me that my ability to remember is critical to my present and my future.

Plato’s principle is especially useful for the followers of Jesus Christ. It is in the process of remembering who Jesus is, what Jesus said, and what Jesus did, that our hope is reinvigorated, our joy renewed and our faith re-energized! When we reconnect with what Jesus promised, with what he forgave, with what Jesus gave up,  and with what he overcome, we are changed. We are drawn back into a life-transforming relationship with God by the Shepherd of our souls!Laughing Man Head and Shoulders

When I remember Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection, I feel new life begin to bubble up inside. I see his love at work in the world around me. I hear his words echoing across the challenges of my day. I feel God’s love awakening my heart. I sense the Good Shepherd coming near, and his hand guiding my life.

I am no philosopher, but I am a psychologist. I know something about the importance of memory. As a Christian, I can honestly say that not only is memory important, remembering resurrects my faith. It breathes new life and energy to the truths I believe in. Remembering also draws me closer to the Good Shepherd, and fills my soul with his life and love!

MP900390504[1]Why not join me today and do a little bit of remembering?

Think about Jesus.

Let his truth and love breathe new life into your faith.

Let your memory resurrect your joy!

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