The Dark of Night

Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5b NRSV

MC910215955None of us enjoy perfect lives. We all have days when the road seems too steep to climb. We have nights when it seems like the darkness will never pass. We endure hardship. We feel fear, and we suffer through sadness. Struggle and pain are just a part of our human condition.

…but joy comes with the morning!

The psalmist knew the harsh realities of life when he penned these words of hope in Psalm 30. He had experienced the same kinds of feelings and fears that we face today. In fact, he had spent many a night weeping and crying out for deliverance.

MP900177811[1] David cried his way through many a prayer. The way was not easy for him, but he kept on praying! He had an unshakeable trust in God that kept him going, even in life’s darkest hour. He knew that God would be with him, even when walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

David also spent many a night believing! No matter how dire his circumstances, David steadfastly turned to the Lord. No matter how lonely and abandoned he felt, he kept putting his faith in God alone.

He had an unshakeable trust in God that kept him going.

That kind of faith allowed David to stand and endure many a storm, and many a dark night. It also gave him a tremendous hope. He lived with a continual hope that joy would come in the morning. David knew that no matter how bad things got, in the end God would be victorious!

What a great attitude and way to approach life! You and I can join David and affirm that weeping many linger for a night, but joy will come in the morning. We can accept that life brings trials, tribulations and tests. But we can also have a deep and abiding joy in the midst of our sadness. We can draw our strength from the sure hope that God will bring us through!

MP900227568[1] There is simply no sadness, no fear, no trouble or problem that can separate us from God’s tender loving care. So when the tears come, remember that God always brings joy in the morning!

God turns every night into a bright new day!



Lord, you have guarded, guided and sustained me. You have brought me out of the darkness, and given me new life. Help me to continue to trust you, and to fix my hope on your promises. Keep me ever mindful that with you there is always joy in the morning!


Joy In Morning copy

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