Do God’s Thing

The wise listen to advice, while fools think they know what is best. Proverbs 12:15 adapted00083671

I grew up in an age where it was popular to say, “Do your own thing!”   That’s a great idea if you know what’s best. The problem is that what seems best is often what feels good. But feeling good and doing good don’t always lead to the same end.

The writer of Proverbs reminds me that when I think I know what is best, I am setting myself up for trouble. I am acting like a fool when all I do is to do my own thing.

It’s only when I look outside of myself, when I turn to God and listen to the truths of Scripture, that I am acting wisely.Confident businesswoman in futuristic interior.

That’s because God knows what’s best for me. God also knows what’s best  in the context of God’s creative plan for my life. God knows the big picture, and God knows where I fit into it!

That tells me that my best bet is to do God’s thing.

After all, that’s what we were all created to do!


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