A Kingdom Perspective

But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is an instrument whom I have chosen to bring my name before Gentiles and kings and before the people of Israel. Acts 9:15 (NRSV)

MP900177811[1] Ananias had a surprise vision. In it he was instructed to visit Saul, the number one persecutor of Christians. As most anyone would do, Ananias listened quietly to what the Lord had to say.

Once he had been given his assignment, he had a few questions. Ananias wasn’t sure that the instructions he had received were correct. Saul had quite the reputation. So he reminded Jesus that Saul was a man who had done evil to the Lord’s followers.

Got questions? Go ahead and ask!

Maybe Ananias thought Jesus had the wrong person. At that time Saul was headed to Damascus with signed orders from Jerusalem to continue his reign of terror against the saints. That made Jesus’ orders to visit Saul seem like a suicide mission!

Most of us would agree that it would have been reckless for Ananias to go without asking a few questions. There was a lot of personal risk for Ananias, and he did not want to get this wrong. Of course, Ananias was right about everything he said. But he only had half the story.Dedo de Deus

The truth is that doing Kingdom work requires a Kingdom perspective.   Jesus knew that Ananias didn’t see the big picture. So Jesus gave him a different way of looking at Saul. He gave Ananias a chance to look at Saul through God’s eyes.

In the Kingdom of God, Saul was a chosen instrument. He was a man with a divine calling on his life. As such, he would become an instrument for God’s own purposes. Saul would bring the Good News of the Gospel to the Gentiles, to kings and even to the Jews. Jesus was going to use him as a vessel to spread the word of life to the nations of the world!

At this point, Ananias saw things very differently. He was ready to do the work God was asking him to do. That tells me that doing kingdom work is always easier when we take a kingdom perspective on things!

A Kingdom perspective makes Kingdom work easier!

It’s important to remember that God sees things differently than we do. God’s vision spans eons of history and projects out to the end of time. If we want to do God’s work, we need to step out of our own limited view of things, and ask God for some perspective. Then we will be more ready, more willing and more able to step forward in faith and do the work God created each one of us to do!

Look Blessing copy

Take a heavenly perspective today!

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